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Is she cute or not? is a screamer game created with Scratch by Ryanthescreamerfan70 (known as Ryanthesceamerfanalt on this wiki) on July 9th, 2023. It is a remix of Mao-Mao-Fan's Do u like his dance? :), which is similar.

The game presents a simple interface with a white background featuring a character named Lily, a young girl, with nearly quiet music playing in the background. Players are given two options: "Yes" or "No." If the player clicks "Yes," the background transforms into a rainbow display. Conversely, if they select "No," Lily's expression turns into a sad, and the background changes into a white-to-black gradient. The text below then reads "End" along with the message "You just made her sad :(".

Following this, Lily's appearance changes to include gray skin, white pupils, black eyes, and blood dripping from her eyes (creating a suspense to what happen next). At this point, the scream from Liquid Generation is used who startles the viewer. The scene then shifts to a pink background with a white dot, accompanied by text saying, "HAHA you got scared!" and below it, "(Make sure u show ur friends!)" while the song Mmm Yeah by Austin Mahone plays in the background.

An alternate version of the game shows where, when the player selects "No," Lily's appearance changes to a dull black. After a short period, the same screamer is shown to create a startling effect.



NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

  • Alternate version:
  • Mao-Mao-Fan's original project:
  • Kiwasi Version:
  • reuploaded Version:



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