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This article contains spoilers!
Please be advised that the following article contains spoilers for the screamer mentioned in the title or description. If you have not yet experienced the material and wish to avoid spoilers, we recommend that you proceed with caution or refrain from reading until you have done so.

Try Not to Get Scared is a screamer video uploaded by YouTube user xXx_420swagscoper_xXx in August 14, 2015. The video challenges the viewer not to get scared while being shown a variety of scary images and videos.

Summary of all levels

  • Level 1 - This level shows scary images, but with no scream. The first image is the well known close-up of Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist on the right side before it fades to the second image, which is a baby's face with pale skin, large black eyes and a mouth wide open with sharp teeth. The next picture shows a deformed person with black eyes and his tongue sticking out, followed by a blood-covered demon face, and finally, a woman with greenish skin, vampire teeth and grey hair
  • Level 2 - This Level consist of disturbing imagery with creepy music playing, The first image is an eyeless pale doll with black hair. Then, it shows a pale woman with a cover over her mouth and with blood dripping out of her eyes. After this, it shows a picture of The Rake, before showing a pale skeleton face with a white hood over it. Finally, a picture of a red eye with sharp teeth coming from below it appears
  • Level 3 - This level describes unsettling historic events, machine malfunctions, animal attacks, and acts of cannibalism, such as a 2002 case of a chimpanzee stealing and eating a human baby in a national park.
  • Level 4 - The fourth level, to put it simply, is darkness; silent steps can also be heard.
  • Level 5 - The Level consist of Scary GIFs, The first .GIF file shows a picture of Samara Morgan from The Ring walking towards the camera. The second one shows a man crawling and then attacking a person, from The Poughkeepsie Tapes. The third one shows Edith Brennan grabbing the camera, from Mama. The fourth and final one shows a zombie attacking a woman.
  • Level 6 - This level consists of darkness with ghastly sounds playing. The sounds in this level may produce an ASMR(Autonomous sensory meridian response) effect on the viewer.
  • Level 7 - It shows pictures of ghosts, each one cutting to the next by abruptly zooming in with a loud noise.
  • Level 8 - It shows gifs of possessed, demonic people, and ghosts. All of them end with an audible scream. The last GIF shown is an extract from the video Creepy Grudge Ghost Girl in the Mirror, The first one is taken from Grave Encounters where a tongue was dropped until the camera pans up to reveal the tongue demon with loud scream, The second taken from Insidious where the camera changed, the identical twin girls appears and suddenly smiled with another scream, the third and last gif taken from Creepy Grudge Ghost Girl in the Mirror but instead of scare chord played, a loud scream played.
  • Level 9 - It shows images that aggravate certain fears, including spiders, snakes, nuclear war, and death.

The tenth level is the screamer part. The part shows black for a few seconds before it shows the creator was "joking", and before it finishes, it shows a picture of Amy Peterson from Fright Night zooming in and out with a woman shriek. Some text then says "Oh, you didn't fell for that one?". After this, a flashing image of Jeff the Killer with a loud terrifying scream. and other screamers. After this, it says "OR THAT?!", before the creator thinks of the viewer as the "bravest man in the world". Right before the video ends, Ahenobarbus Henocied suddenly appears with a loud shriek. The video then ends.


NOTE: The following video contains unsettling images and sounds, as well as multiple screamers!

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