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A shock site is a website that aims to offend as many people as possible, generally by showing offensive images. Many shock sites have launched and shut down over the years. They are often used as a form of attack during message board invasions. This article lists some current and former shock sites on the internet. In this list, shock sites are separated by category and arranged in alphabetical order. To see a much larger list, click here.


See Also: Adobe Flash

These are the list of shock animations, usually made from Adobe Flash.

  • Adorable Bunnies - A collection of shock images, such as "JEBUS LOVES YOU" featuring the words "Ebony Love?" before showing a series of images featuring a man excreting diarrhea, the feces being extracted by a syringe, injected into his penis, and then masturbating. The final image shows a naked fat woman.
  • Dance.swf - An animation that depicts two stickmen dancing on a solid-color "floor," before zooming out to reveal that the floor was an image of Goatse. The origins of the animation trace back to when it was submitted to's "contrib" page, a collection of works relating to the image.
  • Derpy animation.swf - purports to be a list of animations of the character from My Little Pony, Derpy. However, switching to the fourth page will suddenly show another MLP character, Pinkie Pie, having sex with Derpy over a flashing background while an extremely loud song, "Party Party Party" by Andrew Wk, is played.
  • Fruit Launcher - A looped animation of a naked woman pushing out an orange out of her anus, along with a counter below it.
  • Gardener Plants - An animation, as can be seen by its name, lures users into believing the site is related to garden plants. The slideshow begins with low-quality images of trees before presenting with shock images.
  • Merry Holidays - is a long-length homemade video depicting a man doing obscure sexual activities, such as spanking himself with a paddle and inserting a firecracker up to his anus. 
Monkey Sugar
  • Monkey Sugar - The animation begins with a text stating that most examples are "not certainly sugar" and referring to it as "anything that makes one physically satisfied. By extension, anything good or desirable." The video later begins with a dismembered head fading in, before cutting into a montage of shock pictures. This animation is in a similar fashion to Gardener Plants.
  • Phone Japan - An animation depicting two half-naked women; one is vomiting onto another while it's played over by the song "Turning Japanese" by The Vapors.
  • Poo Button - An animation that allows the player to press the "POO" button because you "know you want to." When clicked, it plays a fart sound, and the animation encourages the player to do it again. When clicked for the third time, the animation will abruptly change into a man defecating onto a woman's breasts while the chorus from "Scatman (ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop)" plays in the background.


Not to be confused with all of the other lists in this article, as "shock site" can be referred to as an umbrella term. These are the sites that contain shock content.

  • - A shock site featuring a image of two wrestlers in a sexual position. There is a link named "LOL BUTT SEHCS" that links to another shock site,
  • - A shock site featuring a video of a man receiving masturbation from another man with a looping audio file featuring a sample of a man screaming "HEY EVERYBODY! I'M LOOKING AT GAY PORNO!" taken from Last Measure. The site would enter full screen and spam popups featuring the same content.
  • - A shock site featuring a image of a small penis with text saying "if you find the above image offensive, disgusting or in any way insulting please don't look at it !" below it.
  • - A shock site that consists of three images of a woman in a dress. Next are three images of a transgender woman wearing a black shirt and blue jeans. The final image is of the woman naked, sitting on a bed, revealing her penis and breasts. "Bakla" is a Tagalog (Filipino) derogatory term for homosexual, basically equivalent to "queer" in English. The person shown on the page is from the Philippines. is no longer active.
  • BestGore - A website collection of uncensored real-life violence and media, created by Canadian-Slovakian Mark Marek on April 30, 2008. The site was also known for the posting of snuff video 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick, showing depictions of Luka Magnotta dismembering an Chinese international student Jun Lin,[1] which had led to him being arrested for corrupting moral charges.[2][3][4] The website went down permanently on November 15, 2020, after Marek decided to focus on other interests.[5]
  • - shows a video on loop of a man sticking his foot into a person's anus along to the song "Footloose" by Kenny Loggins. Although the flash animation is now lost, captures of the website itself can be found on the Wayback Machine.
  • Big Lemon Party - A website parody of another shock site, Lemon Party, with gay pornographic images, of which mostly features old naked men.
  • - A shock site featuring a image of a woman holding open her legs while covered in feces with a dildo in her mouth. The caption "Hi Mom" is in the image.
  • - A website disguised as the official Blink-182 site. The site itself, however, was instead of a woman shooting a banana onto another woman's face with her anus, accompanied by the "bananas" refrain from the song "Hollaback Girl" playing in the background.
  • Blue Waffle - An image of a diseased vagina. Blue Waffle was originally started as a rumor from various online sources, claiming it to be a real STD disease that could disfigure someone's vagina and turn blue, but it has since been debunked. However, many users referred to Blue Waffle as a shock site; it also spawned many parodies, such as Red Pancake, which depicts a diseased anus, and Giant Cheese Taco, which depicts a diseased ulcerated vagina covered in yellow pus and blood.
  • - A website featuring multiple shock videos on the main page with a MIDI of "I Wish" by Skee-Lo playing.
  • - The site displays an animation/video of a naked old man cutting off the testicles of another naked old man.
  • - features a picture showing the remains of an unknown man who put a lit firecracker into his mouth. The name was chosen to trick people into going to the site, as the gruesome photo makes the victim look like an oozing cherry cake. On February 16, 2006, the front page was updated to show a picture of a baby that appeared to be suffering from a serious case of Harlequin ichthyosis, followed by the original picture of the man's face after two seconds.
  • - A website that shows an image of a old woman wearing only a top hat spreading her vaginal lips, with a link to her "number 1 fan" who is a dead woman claiming that the site changed her life. There is also a link to another shock site named
  • - A website that shows an image of a man with a nail inside of his penis, with the caption "we <3 the elderly :)". There is also an image of a Chia Pet underneath with some links to other shock sites, one of them being Lemon Party.
  • - A shock site that shows a Flash loop of someone committing suicide, that is fake with the song "Cry Me a River" made by Justin Timberlake.
  • - A website collection of animations that were intended to be shocking or disturbing in nature. It was originally registered by YTMND owner Max Goldberg in 2003. However, it was passed onto YTMND user sodae in 2004 and became the site it is today.
  • - A website collection of animations that were intended to be shocking or disturbing in nature. The site was inspired by another shock site, Dickcream.
  • Dolphinsex - A website that features a guide on how to have sex with a dolphin. It is also one of the reasons why the original site was deleted due to it being linked.
  • Don't Watch Us - A shock site featuring a Flash video of a woman sucking a large penis with semen pouring out of her mouth.
  • - A shock site that features a yes button and a no button. If the victim clicks yes, a picture of someone's nuts is shown.
  • Encyclopedia Dramatica - A MediaWiki-based site that documents current events and internet culture, purposely written in an extremely offensive way "for the lulz." The wiki was created by Sherrod DeGrippo, when she had grown interest of documenting LiveJournal dramas.
  • - Displayed an old (or digitally altered to create the impression of) greyscale picture of five men, one of whom was lying on his back being fellated by another, who was, in turn, being penetrated by another, who was, in turn, being penetrated by the fifth. The keywords used to help categorize the page with search engines contained various non-related terms such as "white power, Gilligan's island, radio free Berkeley, and iambic pentameter" among others.
  • - featured an image of a man with his scrotum and testicles cut off and laying in front of him.
  • - featured a photomontage of various anal fisting and scat fetish pictures, origins are unknown. The site existed in this form until around May 2003, when the content was taken down and a .tk placeholder put in its place. In early 2004, the placeholder was removed and different non-shock content was added.
The logo.
  • - A shock site dedicated to share shock content with a forum. The primary profile picture on the forum features a GIF featuring Rule 34 of a Badger from the animation with their penis spinning clockwise.
  • - The site shows 4 images of japanese coprophillia and emetophillia with a watermark. A woman with a rectum prolapse defecates on a woman's head, a woman barfs on a another woman's head. Lastly, the woman covered in feces gets vaginally penetrated by a man, while an another woman is spraying while liquid out of her anus onto her.
  • - A shock site that shows a image of a whale's penis with text saying "This site isn't YouTube. It's a picture of a whale's penis." under the image.
  • Glory Hole Foundation - A site disguised as a non-profit evangelical golf club community. The site features a button that supposedly leads the user into the main page. However, when clicked, the site will display a GIF of two men having sex while accompanied by an extremely loud moaning sound; it had its own similar site named Desk Corporate IT, in which users who have an interest in technology are tricked into seeing the same content as GHF shows.
  • Goatse - an image of a man stretching his anus, originating from the site in 1999. Goatse has become popular as an internet meme in the shock site phenomena, and has been often used by internet trolls to spread the image through message boards. The domain name may have been intended as a wordplay on the phrase "goat sex", or that it's an acronym for "Guy Opens Ass To Show Everyone". The website has its own contribution works page, including Magic Eye, that tells the user to stare at an autostereogram before changing to a 256 color version of hello.jpg. The image originally came from a file named, a collection of images of the man inserting himself with over-sized buttplugs and dildos, as well as stretching his anus; it was theorized that the man was of Italian descent and started practicing anal expansion for his pleasure. However, after extensive research on the internet, the man was identified as Kirk Johnson. References to have become a ubiquitous in-joke in some Internet communities, many of which have created parodies of or tributes to hello.jpg and the other images on the site:
  • - The site features a bunch of cartoon bunnies, each with a pancake on their heads, who open their anus over the "Hampsterdance" song. The site, according to WHOIS, was located at the same address from which was hosted.
  • - The site shows a close up image of a naked woman stretching her anus. This picture was also featured on The website was closed either in 2010 or 2011.
  • - a website collection of shock sites created by the same creator of Lemon Party. The most famous among them was Jarsquatter.
  • - a website intended to prank users that there's "no happier puppy in the world!". The site instead shows a slideshow of pornographic and gruesome imagery.
  • I Love Chao! - features the 3 Chaos from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, with three images featuring them, from showing their buttocks to defecating and urinating everywhere. The drawings belonged to DeviantArt artist ilovecosmos, but she was likely not to be the creator of the site.
  • - A site featuring two black men, with one sucking onto another's penis. The site is meant to prank users who are looking for the official Ku Klux Klan website.
  • - a shock site that displays a warning that it contained "dark and adult humor". The button, if clicked, will entirely changed the website into a castration video on the center of two flashing gruesome images, and plays an extremely loud and pitched version of "The Loud Orgasm" on loop. Kekma was originally created in April 23, 2019, with the intent of previously becoming an alt-right Reddit clone. The site gained its own first popularity after it became one of the trending articles on the meme-dedicated site Know Your Meme.
  • - A website containing four shock pages, including Meatspin, Dance.swf, Pain4.jpg and Christmas.jpg. The website's owner, "Kevin Ealy," was also known by the alias "klerck" and was a prominent troll himself; Kevin Ealy was later confirmed to have committed suicide in 2005, with a suicide note left posted on his LiveJournal page.
  • Last Measure/ - a famous shock site created by the GNAA. The webpage is supposed to exploit the user's computer. The site displays multiple pop-ups of known shock images accompanied by a looping sound of a man shouting "HEY EVERYBODY, I'M LOOKING AT GAY PORNO!"
  • Lemon Party - An image of three elderly naked men, with one of them sucking the other two kissing, accompanied by the 1963 doo-wop song "If You Wanna Be Happy" by Jimmy Soul. Months later, the site entirely changed to an image of a kitten and a link "to wash your eyeballs!", which leads to a kitten with metals. The site then changed back to its original state later on. 
  • LiveLeak - a British video sharing website which hosted collections of graphic videos of real violence, including an execution video of Iraqi politician Saddam Hussein and the beheading of US journalist James Foley. The site, which was previously known as Ogrish, was introduced on October 31, 2006, by various founders including Hayden Hewitt. LiveLeak, however, went defunct and was replaced by another site, ItemFix, which bans "excessive violence or gory content." [1]
  • - a French website alternatively made for Screamer Cactus. The site contains three versions, one of them depicts François Hollande with the "NEIN NEIN" soundbite from the film Inglourious Basterds; the last two of which were assumed to have featured shock content. originally appeared on the site on March 22, 2013 and the name derives from :hap:'s "onche" battlecry, emphasizing irony.
  • - Contained a picture of two old men having sex. It also includes low quality, modulated audio of a song.
  • Running the Gauntlet - A challenge in which users force themselves to watch extremely graphic videos while not looking around. Running the Gauntlet features 20 videos, depending on their shock value; it also features other well-known shock videos such as 1 Man 1 Jar and 3 Guys 1 Hammer.
  • - A shock host that features various shock images, such as the collection, pornographic images, Pillowfight and various others. It is currently one of the oldest and currently active shock sites as of 2003.
  • Screamer Cactus - A French website created by user PyjamaSam. The site immediately opens with an image of a man inserting a cactus into his anus, followed by a script to open multiple pop-ups also featuring the image, accompanied by the extremely loud, oversaturated version of Stupeflip's "The Cadillac Theory" song in the background. The site had been used for Twitch Raids in summer 2012, before being used again later in early 2016.
  • Scroll Below / Scroll Down - These two shock sites inform the user to scroll down, in which multiple shock images appear. These two are made in a similar fashion to the Encyclopedia Dramatica article, Offended.
  • / My Lazy Sundays - A website that opens with an animation of three elderly naked men having sex in a bathtub. There was also a popular mirror of Sourmath called, also known as "My Lazy Sundays", where it contains a script that forces the browser to bounce around the screen, making it harder to click; however, it can still be clicked down, but instead opens with a dialog box with the insulting message "HELLO! LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE F****ED YOU! 1! 2! 3! GO TO NO BRAIN.DK 4! 5!."
  • - The site contained a photograph of two men, one being anally penetrated by the other with what appeared to be a bicycle pump. In addition to that, both men were covered in feces. The name of the site was taken from the Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology, which used to be known by the acronym SCAT. The website has now been replaced by the actual Shrewsbury College website.
  • Special Fried Rice - An image of an infected penis, along with the text referencing the line in part of The Simpson's episode "Homer Loves Flanders". The site proclaimed that Special Fried Rice was way "worse than Blue Waffle."
  • - a site that purports to lure unsuspecting users who were looking for Sprite Cranberry, created during which Sprite Cranberry became an internet meme. The site was a redirect to a YouTube video of a veterinarian inserting his finger inside a dog's anus to "express anal glands". The site has become popular as a shock site and also as an internet meme. The instances of the site have been changed throughout the years, such as sometime in 2019, when it changed into a line of text stating that the site was of an "online social experiment conducted by James Woods Regional High School" and a research study which is complete is said to have been found at the site; that leads to a YouTube video of a man pulling off his dead toenail.
  • Sweet Flash Games - a site that purports to lore unsuspecting users who wanted to play flash games. The site would pick shock images once the page was refreshed or opened. The site had a 88x31 button to another shock site Unfortunately, none of the images were preserved due to poor archiving.
  • - A website featuring a image of a woman with a octopus in her anus, with the site also playing a sample of a man screaming "HEY EVERYBODY, I'M LOOKING AT GAY PORNO!" taken from Last Measure. The site formerly featured a image of two fish inserted into a man's anus. This was taken from the "Fisherman" shock site, featured on YTMND.
  • - A website featuring a edited version of the Tubgirl image, with her head replaced by a Hindu man's head.


For known incidents behind shock videos, see List of shock sites#Incidents

Shock videos are one of the most popular shock category. Shock videos are usually of films, for example 2 Girls 1 Cup.

A poster for 2 Girls 1 Cup.
An example of Fake Fancams.
  • 1 Guy 15 Kilo - A Austrian video featuring a naked man squatting with a rope attached to his penis and tied to a 13-kilo butane gas cylinder that has two 1-liter soda bottles attached to it. The man masturbates and hits his erect penis and then begins to stand up lifting the 15 kilos with his testicles keeping it up in the air for 8 seconds to then lower and raise it again.
  • 1 Priest 1 Nun - A German video that depicts a nun who gives a rim job on the priest, while speaking in Deustch that "your flesh. Your flesh must be cleaned" and that "all the evil will spill out of you". The final act was that of the priest defecating on the nun's face while she sucks them. 1 Priest 1 Nun was also known alternatively as "Church of Fudge".
  • 2 Girls 1 Cup / 4 Girls 1 Fingerpaint / 8 Girls No Cup - A 2008 scat film that was unofficially known as "2 Girls 1 Cup" was depicted of two women defecating and vomiting into each other. The film 4 Girls 1 Fingerpaint includes a plot in which four female students are instructed by a teacher for a lesson, and as they see that she isn't wearing any panties, all the students begin licking her anus and cause the teacher to defecate; the title 4 Girls 1 Fingerpaint was rather a nickname for the scene taken from the film. 8 Girls No Cup begins with a girl knocking on the door of the house where eight girls are seen peeing, vomiting, as well as defecating into each other as an imitation of 2 Girls 1 Cup. All of these films are directed by Marco Fiorto and produced by his MFX Media company.
  • 2 Girls 1 Toothbrush - A scat video featuring a woman shitting on a toilet. The other woman uses a toothbrush brushing the feces on the toilet, then both brush their teeth with the shit covered toothbrush.
  • Anal Boxing - A short pornographic video of a black man repeatedly fisting a white man's anus.
  • Asian Dick Cheese - A video that depicts an Asian woman licking a smegma off a man's penis, to the point where she almost vomited during the process.
  • BME Pain Olympics - A set of promotional videos created by BMEZine, an online magazine devoted to body modification, on 2005. The video purports to be a montage of rather extreme forms of castration, such as people mutilating their genitals in the most painful way possible, hence its name. The BME Pain Olympics consist of four videos from between 2005 and 2006; the first installment was revealed to be a fake, while the other sequels were confirmed real. The BME Pain Olympics also have their own trailer, with one of them being a VHS recording from 1997. 
  • Cake Farts - A video depicting a woman sitting on a one-layer chocolate cake on the kitchen table. A fellow autist named Chris Chan made an inspiration of Cake Farts with a low recording video of him sitting on a chocolate cake for what he assumed to be his girlfriend, Jacklyn Romy.
  • Chomp.avi - A long-length video shows a man performing a series of disgusting feces-related acts, including masturbating in a bathtub while covered in feces and eating watery feces from a transgender man's anus. Devin Millar began an extensive research to find the origin, which he identified Patrick Guzzler, a Michigan resident, as the man behind the video. Do Not Watch was another version of Chomp.avi, but it was shortened into two minutes and begins with a line of text in which the user is challenged to not make any motion, move muscles, or make a sound.
  • Fake Fancams - A series of Twitter videos with the intention of luring users into watching shock content while disguised as a fancam video. An online investigator and YouTuber SomeOrdinaryGamers claimed that the posting was the work of a group of users who were denoted by the ⍎ (pronounced "slitz") symbol. One of the examples was a user named ASUKLY who posted a now-deleted tweet with an image saying "Click Me!", which would expand the image to reveal images of self-harm.
  • - A site featuring an image of Ralph from Wreck-It Ralph edited for him to have a large erect penis. The name is a reference to the mascot of a fast food chain, Durrr Burger, from the Fortnite franchise.
  • FunkyTown - A cartel beheading video in which a group of cartel members tortures a man while pumping his blood with drugs to keep him alive. The man is often butchered with a knife, removing his eye, and having his hands chopped off by the knife while screaming and gurgling in pain. After a few minutes, the song "Funkytown" by Lipps Inc. begins playing in the background, ending the video.
  • Japanese Puke Lesbians - A video depicts two women inserting a dildo or vomiting into each other's mouths.
  • Jarsquatter / 1 Man 1 Jar - A video posted to eFukt on December 4, 2008, as titled "1 Man 1 Cup", shows a man putting two jars up to his rectum to the point where it breaks after it completely goes in; after the glass breaks into his rectum, which causes it to bleed, he starts quietly removing the glass before the video ends there. The man was identified as Alexey Tatarov, who was of Russian descent and married with two kids. The man was also behind another infamous shock video 1 Man 1 Screwdriver and it depicts Alexey with a screwdriver inserted into his urethra.
  • Mud Monster - A video depicts a man covered in green and white paint masturbating. The video was originally of a man masturbating while covered in what is assumed to be mud rather than feces, while "Now You're A Man" by DVDA plays in the background.
  • Putrid Sex Object - A bestiality-based video directed by Matt McKay in 2006. The video shows a cross-dressing male who finds a severe cow head on the floor and proceeds to perform sexual acts with it, such as masturbating with and inserting his penis into the cow's head. The male cross-dresser in the video was named Alexandro Guerrero.
  • Ridin' Solo - A video of a black man quickly sitting back and forth on a neon blue dildo. This was used by the TriHard community to harass streamers. The video is occasionally put to the song with the same name written by Jason Derulo.
  • Russian Roulette Knife Cup - A short clip depicting Brian Brushwood, a well-known magician, is shown speaking about his magic trick in which a knife is placed on a spinning table, pointed up, and then covered with a cup. The table then spins quickly so that the cup with the knife is lost. After the table stops, Brian slams his hand into a cup that also appears to have the knife inside. The video has been featured as the 3rd level of Running the Gauntlet, despite the fact that it's a skit.
  • Scatman / Pop Wadum - A video depicting a man defecating on a plate in a bathroom while he has a prolapse. The name "Pop Wadum" was obtained after the noise of the prolapse makes. This was used by the TriHard community to harass several streamers like GhostPolitics and Bathrobe Dwane. It is usually associated with the song Scatman (ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop) hence the name "Scatman". After Scatman John says "I'm a Scatman", it immediately cuts to the video.
  • Snake Ass - A video depicting a ball python slowly slithering into someone's anus, while they are on a blanket. The origins of the video are unknown, though it is well known that the TriHard community started using the video as a tool to harass streamers such as Ice Poseidon, Bill Jensen, GhostPolitics and several others started in 2015. In some instances, the song "A message to you" by Dubmood is played accompanied with a loud voice saying the N-word.
  • Snuff R73 - A shockumentary screening of scatological and gruesome videos, directed by Thomas Cinemagore. Snuff R73 became popular after it was mistaken for another video that was assumed to be child pornography, titled "Necropedophiliac", which Thomas Cinemagore also directed as the third sequel to Snuff R73; rumors about the film containing child pornography were debunked, and it was revealed that it actually shows depictions of injured children from the Syrian civil war, as well as a video of a man stomping a toddler to death.
  • Spankwire - A porn website, but the name Spankwire was mistaken or a video depicting penis mutilation in the name of reaction videos.
  • Waifu Basics - A Japanese emetophilia-based video taken from [PTJ-005] Aoi Yuuki – Gero Monster Home Delivery. It starts with a young Japanese girl who was invited by her boyfriend for dinner. After preparing for noodles, the girl stands up and proceeds to vomit on the bowl of noodles.


These are the list of recorded incidents that are known as a shock site, for example 22-year-old autoworker Ronnie McNutt live-streamed his accidental suicide on Facebook after breaking up with his girlfriend.

  • 1 Boy 2 Kittens / 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick - 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick as a video depicts a Chinese student, Jun Lin, being dismembered by former Canadian pornstar Luka Magnotta; the incident happened after Magnotta posted a Craiglist advertisement for a personal movie, which the victim, Jun Lin, fell for. Luka Magnotta was also associated with another video titled "1 Boy 2 Kittens", which, at first, shows Magnotta playing with two kittens before putting them inside the sealed bag and vacuuming the air out of it, suffocating them to the point of dying of hyperventilation.
  • 1444 - An incident refers to the livestreamed suicide of an 18-year-old Russian man named Gleb Korbalev. The video depicts Gleb Korbalev sitting in a chair with a loaded Saiga-12 shotgun pointed at his head. He makes a brief statement, then right after he says "nya poka" (meaning "good bye" in English) in reference to the internet suicide meme, he pulls the trigger and blows his brains out. His suicide was live-streamed on the Russian video-sharing site, VK. 
  • 1Girl99Stomps - An incident that occurred on March 14, 2004 where a 15-year-old Russian girl was robbed and mugged by a thief, Dmitry Chernikov, while trying to enter the elevator at her apartment. She was brutally stomped multiple times by Chernikov before dying from trauma, and her body was dragged inside the elevator as it opened and he walked away. 
  • Suicide of Ronnie McNutt - depicts a 33-year-old war veteran, Ronnie McNutt who shoots himself in the face with a single-shot rifle and soon dies of a self-inflicted wound. It was broadcasted through Facebook and the live-stream lasted more than 2 hours.


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