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The following article contains content that some may find shocking.
Reader discretion is advised.
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Discharges.org was a shock site that hosted flash animation consisting of a shocking or offensive nature. It was famous way back in the mid-2000s, it was later abandoned in 2010, and the website ceased to exist in 2016. Material featured includes hermaphrodites, gore, scat, hentai, and other offensive material, along with SFW material as well, here are all of the shock flash animations below:

  • Beautiful.swf - A loop from "Angel Cop" of a woman getting shot many times with a high-powered firearm (and ultimately killed). The last shot shows an extremely graphic close up of her head exploding.
  • Boogie.swf - A clip of a once beautiful girl who was immolated after her car was struck by a drunk driver in an SUV. He got away without any problems, but she was trapped in her car which caught fire, She holds up a portrait of her before the accident, then pulls it down to show her face after being mostly destroyed by third-degree burns followed by extensive plastic surgery. She is blind in one eye, has almost no nose and no ears. She has no hair and very little to distinguish her face in general. In fact, she's been named as a possible face-transplant candidate.
  • Getfree.swf - A hentai-style woman with massive breasts. She tries to zip up her front-zip dress, but her tits are having none of it. Just when she almost has them in place, they burst out and bounce around. She looks surprised: "Oh, I never would have guessed that might happen!"
  • NewVagina.swf - A short clip of a girl with massive breasts from the 2002 bishōjo hentai game: "Do you Like Horny Bunnies" (B na Bunny-san Kirai?), she is having sex with a man in cowgirl style.
  • Scat.swf - A guy with diarrhea violently exploding onto his face from some girl's ass, hence the name and the song title: "Scatman".
  • Gurgle.swf - Some guy jacking it as a woman blows little bubbles with her semen-filled mouth.
  • Milkman.swf - A lactating woman squirts breast milk into another woman's mouth, while: "Aphex Twin - Milkman" plays in the background.
  • soothingmidget.swf - Two porn stars - Bridget the Midget and Mr. 18 Inch - in an unlikely match-up. She's standing bent over on an elevated weight bench; he still has to bend his knees a bit to thrust into her appropriately.
  • Freefalling.swf - An infamous video of a man falling down the World Trade Center (9/11).
  • cuntpunt.swf - A video of someone kicking the woman's vagina, it's also used in Kickinthecunt.com
  • Turkey.swf - Shows footage of a chicken's throat being slit.
  • asianfags.swf - A clip from a video of two men, presumably of Asian descent, involved in anal sex. An old-timey rock 'n' roll track called "Don't You Just Know It" by Huey "Piano" Smith and the Clowns plays as the clip loops.


NOTE: The following shock site contains pornography!

  • discharges.org



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