Japanese Puke Lesbians

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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

Japanese Puke Lesbians, also called Japanese Vomit Fountain, is a shock video featured on the 4th level of RuntheGauntlet.org.

The level itself is a brief pornographic video of two Japanese women putting dildos in their mouths while spitting and vomiting on each other. The complete video can be found on pornography websites such as Heavy-r.com. It is unknown who the two women in the video are.

The complete video originates from cancan.tv, a Japanese fetish porn page; Run the Gauntlet only shows 19 seconds of the video's total 8 minutes of duration, focusing on the part where they smear their vomit on each other and kiss on the mouth. The women also make use of a bottle with a yellow liquid (possibly castor oil) to induce themselves to vomit.


NOTE: the following shock site contains graphic content!

  • runthegauntlet.org/view/Japanese-Puke-Lesbians
  • Full video: heavy-r.com/video/138774/Japanese_Vomit_Fountain/#_



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