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Please be advised that the following article contains spoilers for the screamer mentioned in the title or description. If you have not yet experienced the material and wish to avoid spoilers, we recommend that you proceed with caution or refrain from reading until you have done so.

Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

Run the Gauntlet is a challenge shock site that consists of 20 levels that the player must go through without looking away.

The page displays an image reading "Running the gauntlet is a test to see if you can stomach the depths of the internet. This site is Not Safe For Work. It contains adult-related content. you must be of legal age in your country to proceed. Prepare yourself". The "begin your journey" button only appears after a few seconds pass, and once clicked displays extremely graphic videos from, Liveleak, and videos like Jarsquatter and 3 Guys 1 Hammer. Each level gets more and more difficult to endure as the player goes on.

There also exists a "safe-for-work" version called the Cringe Edition, which is extended to 41 levels as compared to the adult version, which has 20 levels. Some videos have been removed from the gauntlet and replaced with other clips.

Levels in "The Gauntlet"


  • Level 1: Arm break after two chicks' arm wrestle - Two girls incorrectly place their arms for an arm wrestle and a bone snaps
  • Level 2: Jackass Paper Cuts - A scene from Jackass where they give each other paper cuts on the webs of their hands and feet.
  • Level 3: Russian Roulette Knife Cup Test Footage - Test footage showing a performer messing up a trick and "knifing" his hand, which is then revealed to be just a magic trick.


  • Level 4: Japanese Puke Lesbians - Two Japanese lesbians are doing a porn scene with every sort of puke liquid
  • Level 5: Woman stabbed in broad daylight - A woman is repeatedly stabbed by an ex-lover in broad daylight
  • Level 6: Man crawls out of burning car - After getting into an accident the car catches on fire as this man escapes out of the front window on fire
  • Level 7: Baby is run over by a train in Mumbai - A baby falls on the tracks as a train goes by [note 1]


  • Level 8: Escape artist drowns failing to escape new trick - An escape artist films her own death as she fails to get out of a new trick and she ends up drowning
  • Level 9: Snapping Turtle feeding time - A snapping turtle guts its prey during feeding time
  • Level 10: Bot fly Larvae in Kitten's eye - A kitten has a botfly feeding inside its eye socket. The video shows the botfly being removed.
  • Level 11: Caught between a train and the platform - A man gets stuck on the tracks of a train station. He is then jammed between the passing train and the platform, and he spins like a top.


  • Level 12: Hot Iron on Penis - A man gets a hot iron pressed on his penis by his partner.
  • Level 13: Man has terrible jump off ledge - A young man attempts to clear a ledge while cliff diving into the harbor and ends up mangling his entire face
  • Level 14: Old Woman's Eye Socket teeming with Maggots - An old woman's eye socket is filled with maggots as they operate in the hospital
  • Level 15: Penis Drilling - A man puts a drill bit into his split-open penis and the video cuts as he's about to set it off.


  • Level 16: Animals skinned alive for Fur Trade - A PETA video showing the skinning process of a Chinese fur farm
  • Level 17: Asian Dick Cheese - An Asian girl licks the smegma off of a man's penis.
  • Level 18: One Man, One Jar - A man inserts a glass jar into his anus, then it shatters cutting his insides as he bleeds out
  • Level 19: Mexican Cartel beheads Man - A Mexican Cartel shows the beheading of a man as he tries to stay alive
  • Level 20: Three guys, One Hammer - Three men ruthlessly torment their victim before murdering him

Removed and unused videos

The following list are videos that were removed from the levels of The Gauntlet and remained unused. However, they are made instead viewable outside the challenge.

  • Australian soldier killing with a flame thrower
    • A black and white film of a soldier killing people with a flamethrower and a person caught on fire
  • Bear attack at zoo
    • A bear drags and bits a person at the zoo
  • Butch has twenty mango worms in one hole
    • A person squeezing worms out of a wound of a dog
  • Civilian bomb explosion in Aleppo, Syria
  • Cop can't get the pistol out of holster fast enough
    • Security video shows cop reacting too slowly to an assailant
  • Death at world sauna games
    • The last year they did the World Sauna Games where people died of heat exposure
  • Deputy in Laurens county Georgia shot by a deranged man
    • Police car footage of an officer being attacked by a deranged man
  • Downed Japanese world war two pilot refuses rescue grenade suicide
    • A downed Japanese pilot choosing his own fate rather than being captured
  • Indian politician has a stroke on live tv
    • Old Indian politician has a stroke on camera during his own speech
  • Kid leg break near the pool
    • A kid breaks his leg when his leg is struck at the pool's side
  • Man high on drugs jumps from rooftop
    • A man who is completely high, accidentally jumps from the rooftop and hits his head over the ground with a loud snap.
  • Pro Hitman killing a woman
    • A surveillance footage shows a hired hitman walking up towards a woman with a flower bouquet, shoots her with a silent pistol, and walks away.
  • Staph infection popping
    • When that pesky staph infection just gets in the way
  • Toddler gave the loaded handgun
    • A man gave his toddler a loaded handgun and ended up shooting the man accidentally during a public ceremony.



  1. This video got removed from the challenge due to containing child gore.


NOTE: The following videos contain extremely graphic content!

  • Cringe Edition: (Doesn't contain any graphic content or anything similar).



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