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The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

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Most Disturbed Person On Planet Earth, better known by its abbreviation MDPOPE, is a series of shockumentary created by a man under the pseudonym "Thomas Extreme Cinemagore."[1]

The mixtapes consist of clips featuring fetish pornography, lethal violence, and gore, stolen from shock sites like LiveLeak and BestGore. Several of these clips, such as 2 Girls 1 Cup, 3 Guys 1 Hammer, and 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick, had risen to infamy prior to the mixtapes' release. Despite the mixtapes not being any more extreme than any other mixtape of its type, it is considered by many, including its creator, to be the most disturbing film of all time.


The film was fully released on February 13, 2013, and was advertised as "147 minutes of insanely disturbing shock footage, all combined into one single piece of media." The movie spread and was viewed only with the help of online mixtape sales. Since 2013, several reactions and reviews of the film have been made, as well as an IMDb page about it, on which the film had been rated 6.5/10 before the page shut down.[2]

In March 2014, Thomas released the sequel to the original film and described it as "Over three hours of the most disgusting and disturbing shock clips ever caught on camera. Guaranteed to be the sickest movie ever made in the history of cinema." Several reviews and reactions to the sequel confirm that MDPOPE 2 is far more extreme than the original.[2]

Thomas released the third film of the series in 2019 and attempted to make this version the worst in the entire series. MDPOPE 3 doesn't have many reviews, but in mondo film-related communities, people admit that MDPOPE 3 is way worse than its prequels.[2]

The series became better known in 2021 when Reddit user "nice-guy-phil" uploaded a "Disturbing Movie Iceberg" which mentioned the series. This chart was later on reviewed by a large number of YouTubers.

Mixtapes' Content

Thomas Cinemagore, the man behind the mixtapes

The original compilation consists of 61 clips. Many of these clips are shock videos that were already well-known, such as 2 Girls 1 Cup and Jarsquatter. Most of the pins on the topic are related to fetish pornography. However, the film also contains some gore material, including lynching, genital mutilation, accident footage, and animal crush videos involving rabbits and cats.

The second installment contains almost twice the number of clips as the original, racking in at 115 clips, similar in content to the original, containing videos from Run the Gauntlet such as 3 Guys 1 Hammer and Asian Dick Cheese. (see Controversy)

The third installment contains almost three times as many clips as the sequel, racking in at 325 clips. MDPOPE 3 contains gore footage involving children, similar to Snuff R73, extreme gore videos like FunkyTown, and clips of necrophilia and zoophilia. This version contains less pornography and more gore. Many clips have ended up being scrapped or recycled from MDPOPE 3, and one is missing because of montage problems.


The red band trailer for MDPOPE 2 concerned many in the underground film community when it was first released. It was discovered that the trailer contained audio from Daisy's Destruction, arguably the most infamous hurtcore child pornography series to ever reveal itself to the web. Cinemagore even admitted he would feature a clip from Daisy's Destruction in MDPOPE 2. The community begged him to remove the clip, which Cinemagore ended up doing. King of the Witches, who runs an online DVD and mixtape store, reported Thomas to the FBI, who searched his place. Details of the investigation are unclear, aside from the fact that he lived in the basement of his Mother's house.[3][4] Thomas Cinemagore's repeated claims of engaging in illegal material, overly edgy personality, and delusions of grandeur over his mixtapes, which are seen by most viewers as overrated and poorly edited, has led him to become an extremely controversial and hated amateur film creator.

Don't be mistaken, the content within the MDPOPE series is indeed extreme and disturbing. But I would argue it isn't any more extreme or disturbing than any other mixtape of this type. MDPOPE is nothing exceptional. It's not even anything new. It's not infamous because it's more brutal than the rest. It's infamous because it was made by a man who outed himself as a pedophile. A man who enjoys watching adults torture children.
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