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Reader discretion is advised.

Snuff R73
The poster of the film.
Maker: Luka Magnotta
Clinton Teale
Type: Shock video
Release date: 2015

Snuff R73 is a snuff film that surfaced around the internet in 2015, and was popularized back in 2021 due to a reddit post of an iceberg meme mentioning this film, reaching over 3.5k upvotes.[1] The film that is normally described does not exist.

The film itself is actually 10 minutes of clips of people being tortured. Before the film was found, some people believed that the film is a kid being tortured. Reddit user "r/throwawayiceberg" noted that "[t]here is an IMDb page for the film. On this IMDb page it lists Luka Magnotta as the only actor, the cat killer and creator of 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick," in addition, this user wrote that "there is a French site that explains how horrible the film is."

This website reveals the name of the creator, Clinton Teale. u/throwawayiceberg also found a description of Teale on Tapatalk, a French web forum, which reveals that she was in a relationship with Luka Magnotta in 2015.[2]

There is also a YouTube video debunking this particular film.[3]

A review was later found on a French website called titled Canalblog. This website shows that there were two versions of the film (a 3:30 and 1:10 version), both from the dark web.[4]

There is a full explanation about how although the video does exist, the video is vastly different than how it is normally described. That can be found here, special thanks to Revenge for the explanation, he provided a link to the following video and some information (note: there is a footage at the end of a kid getting beaten by a shovel.)


  2. The Reddit post about the film.

NOTE: The following video contains extremely graphic content!



Anonymous user #1

26 days ago
Score -1 You
where can I watch it?

Anonymous user #1

24 days ago
Score 1 You
What the fuck is this shit?!?

Anonymous user #1

23 days ago
Score 1 You

Anonymous user #1

8 days ago
Score 0 You
Pretty much only the most desensitized people can view this monstrosity of a film.

Gordon Ramsay03 Criticism

3 days ago
Score 0++
Why the hell does everyone want to watch this? What is so good about it?!?!?


3 days ago
Score 1++
Another one in my “thanks, I hate it” collection!
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