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The following article contains content that some may find shocking.
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Necropedophiliac, better known as Snuff R73, is a shock mixtape that surfaced around the internet in 2015 and was popularized in 2021 due to a Reddit post of an iceberg chart mentioning this film, which received over 3.5k upvotes.[1] The video remained lost until its discovery in 2021. Rumors about this film have been spreading since 2015, but the actual video is different from what some of the rumors make it out to be.


Snuff R73 is not the actual name of the film. At the beginning of the video, a black screen appears with text that reads "Snuff R73" at the top, and "Necropedophiliac" at the bottom, indicating that the name of the mixtape is Necropedophiliac, and the name of the entity behind it is Snuff R73.[2]


The film itself is actually a 10 minute and 55-second compilation of extreme medical gore from the Syrian civil war involving children and babies, with a security camera footage of a man stomping on a toddler, along with pictures of hardcore gore. Before the film was found, some people believed that Snuff R73 was about a child being tortured and raped. Reddit user "u/throwawayiceberg" noted that "[t]here is an IMDb page for the film. On this IMDb page, it lists Luka Magnotta, the creator of 1 Boy 2 Kittens and 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick, as the only actor". In addition, this user wrote that "there is a French site that explains how horrible the film is."[3]

This website reveals the name of the creator, Clinton Teale. u/throwawayiceberg also found a description of Teale on Tapatalk, a French web forum, which reveals that he was in a relationship with Luka Magnotta in 2015 (which is impossible since Luka was, and still is, in jail at that time.) This website claims that there are two versions of the film (a 3 hour 30 minute version and a 1 hour 10 minute version) and that they are both from the dark web.[4]

There are also several YouTube videos debunking this particular film (see Videos).

There is a full explanation about how although the video does exist, the video is vastly different than how it is normally described. That can be found here. (Courtesy of user Revenge on this wiki.)



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