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In this message, a user Revenge will debunk everything that is from Snuff R73, which he says:

Let me please clear up what "Snuff r73" is and always was.
It seems that over the years this tiny video posted on deepweb gore sites has evolved into some complete nonsense creepypasta of what people are saying it is now.

The only thing correct is that it's all kids, NOT CP, it consists of badly wounded children or dead children.

All of the videos seem to be from the religious wars in the middle east when a family's child would be wounded instead of the parents just trying to help the child they would video tape and use it as propaganda, ammo for the wars.

AGAIN, there is no CP in this and none of the videos show any children actually being hurt expect for the last video that is from china in 2015 when a man randomly attacked a toddler on the street and was all over the news.

This entire video was and only ever was 10 and a half minutes long.
I've never seen this video posted anywhere since back in the day when it was posted on the deep web.

I will assume some people say it and then nobody could ever find it so all these stories have been made up like telephone games over the years.

This video has no relation to anyone like people think, no links to MDPOPE or Luka just some degen on a message board.

So that said, here you go. Link has about 30 DL left and I'm never posting it again. 

Please spread the word and stop these made up stories that continue to spread.

File is still in original zip file is came in and you can see the date is 2015.