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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

Hi, also called Narco Football, is a shock video uploaded to goretube.net on February 14, 2021. Some viewers believe that the video may have been created by the same people who filmed the FunkyTown video. The video itself is a very graphic cartel murder clip, similar to FunkyTown and Sponsored by Adidas.


The complete origin of the video is unknown, just like FunkyTown. All of the people in the video remain unknown. There are two versions of the video, a shorter one used in a gore compilation video and a longer one.

The video before being uploaded to GoreTube on February 14, 2021, was uploaded a day earlier to the renowned gore site, Documenting Reality. This was uploaded under the name "bloodbath of dismemberment" and is confirmed to be approximately 3 minutes long.

The video has been divided into several parts that have been included in gore compilation videos, so it is difficult to find it completely outside of documenting reality. One of the known parts of the video is the one that begins the video, where a heart is shown beating after being extracted from one of the bodies. The meaning behind the name of the video is not known.


The full video is about three minutes long. The video begins with a guy holding a heart that has previously been removed from another subject while he was alive, it begins to beat despite already being outside the body, while other subjects to the side appear to be dismembering another guy. Then the same subject is shown decapitating the body of the subject who had his heart extracted to later play soccer with his head while all the subjects in the room laugh. Finally, they proceed to dismember the body and a guy arm wrestles a dismembered arm, ending the video with a river of blood all over the floor and with the subjects laughing very hard after dismembering the bodies of the subjects.

The setting of the video looks oddly similar to the one in FunkyTown. The room in which the video takes place is white-tiled, mostly empty, and has music playing in the background. It's likely that this room also hosted the murder of the man in FunkyTown, and that these cartel members are the same people behind these videos. It's also possible that there could be more videos that take place in this room and are made by the same people.[1]


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NOTE: The following shock video contains extremely graphic content!

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