No Mercy in Mexico

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Guerrero Flaying, also known by its nickname No Mercy in Mexico, is a drug cartel murder shock video made by the Los Viagras drug cartel, which was uploaded online sometime in the summer of 2018. In the video, a father and son get beat up and murdered. The reason for their murder, according to the cartel, is that they have betrayed them, possibly by snitching on them or joining another cartel. [1]


In the video, the father and son sit on the ground with their hands tied up and their mouths sealed with tape, while being interrogated by a member of the cartel. Soon after, the father is beaten with a large stick and is then beheaded with a knife. His son starts crying while he watches his father die in front of him. When the murderers finish with the father, they turn to the son and start skinning his chest with a knife and take the son's beating heart out of his body and hold it up to the camera. The members finish the video by stabbing the son to death.[1]


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