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WARNING! This article is NSFL!

This article may contain content that is disturbing, including themes of rape, murder, abuse, suicide, drugging, crime, disaster, tragedy, etc.‎
Reader discretion is advised. was a shock site owned by Mark Marek on April 30, 2008, The website which it provides highly violent real-life news, photos, and videos, with authored opinion and user comments.

The site was launched on April 30, 2008, by Slovakian-Canadian Mark Marek, and hosts explicit, real-life, photographic and video material of events such as murders, suicides, torture, mutilations, and accidents. With an estimated 10–15 million monthly visits, Best Gore is currently the biggest shock site in the world. As well as real-life footage and pictures, there are also articles promoting conspiracy theories and revisionist histories, such as holocaust denial, with source material from, most notably David Irving and Ursula Haverbeck. The site has been described as Anti-Semitic and Anti-Zionist.

In late 2020, the website closed with the message "For over 12 years, was the go to source for reality news. Change is the only constant in life. Remember: Just when the caterpillar thought its world was over, it turned into a butterfly!" The website was also put on sale.

Luka Magnotta's video[edit | edit source]

The site received media attention in 2012, following the hosting of a video which showed a real-life murder being committed by Luka Magnotta.[1]

As a result, Marek was arrested and charged under Canada's obscenity law with corrupting public morals. The conditions of his bail prohibit the use of computers or mobile telephones; this effectively ended his administration of the site until at least the outcome of his trial, expected in early 2016. Although Marek has been unable to run the website, several contributors have kept it functioning and continue to post material on a daily basis.[2]

Marek said that he had received testimonies from readers that viewing the images on his site had convinced them to avoid speeding, darting between traffic on a motorcycle, horseplay with forklifts, even from committing suicide, and that the government itself recognized the utility of shocking images by requiring them on cigarette packaging.

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NOTE: The following website contains extremely graphic content!

  • Official Channel:
  • ScareTheater reading about the shock video:

Comments[edit | edit source]

Anonymous #1

13 months ago
Score -1++

Anonymous #2

13 months ago
Score -1++

Anonymous #3

12 months ago
Score 1++
Wasn't even shock when I went to the website

Anonymous #4

11 months ago
Score 1++
Well, since you have the balls to go to the website and not be shocked, mind telling me at least 5 articles/images in the site in full detail?

Anonymous #5

9 months ago
Score 1++
Why did I went to that site?

Anonymous #6

3 months ago
Score 0 You
Wait, wrong site.

RockJule Mantis

8 months ago
Score 0++
Ah yes, the classic gore shock site. For some reason on this site, there's a bunch of anime art with extreme gore which reminds me of some sort of Pornogrind metal album cover or something. But, it's still an interesting site though as stated in the article, the articles are anti-semetic, racists, and other bad shit.


8 months ago
Score 0++
The site is currently defunct.

Anonymous #6

4 months ago
Score -1 You
The site is to full of gore for me
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