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Daisy's Destruction is a 2012 multi-part hurtcore video recorded and produced by Peter Gerard Scully. It features Scully and two Filipina women raping and torturing three abducted girls, including the titular Daisy, a toddler aged 18 months old (one and a half years). It was sold to clients for up to $10,000, being the most successful of all of the videos found on Scully's secret darknet child pornography site "No Limits Fun" ("NLF").[1]


The existence of the video series would be confirmed once and for all in 2015, when Scully would face a total of 75 charges, out of which he has pleaded not guilty to the first six. He supposedly abducted and tortured at least 14 children and sexually abused 75 others in his crimes. Scully's crimes were so heinous that the Philippine government is hinting toward reinstalling the death penalty for Scully.[2]


Daisy's Destruction is a series of three to four videos, that are of five to nine minutes in duration, according to the witnesses. They feature Peter Scully, Liezyl Margallo, Scully's 19-year-old girlfriend, and Daisy's two abducted siblings torturing the toddler in a number of different ways, such as clipping her genitals with cloth clips, pouring hot wax on them, tying the child upside down and beating her hands and feet with rope and various other material for hours, all while she is screaming and crying in pain. Daisy's two sisters named Liza and Cindy, also suffered these tortures, although their videos were not as extreme as what Daisy suffered.

Investigators later found out that Scully had tortured and raped Cindy in a video, then forced her to dig out her own grave in the basement of the house before strangling her to death with a rope. Authorities found Cindy's skeleton buried underground in the basement.[3] However, Liza and Daisy survived Peter's wrath and escaped with the help of Scully's girlfriend. Unfortunately, as a result of the severe torture to her lower body, Daisy cannot bear children.

It suffices to say that even the policemen who caught Scully and had to view the video cried, went into shock, and some had nightmares for months, and that’s not very common in the case of policemen who’re trained to cope with these types of things in advance. [4]

Peter having his mugshot. They also misspelled his middle name "Gerard".


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