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This article contains content that some may find shocking.‎
Reader discretion is advised.

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Ogrish.com was a shock site made in 2000, and hosted similar content to Rotten.com.

Ogrish was one of the first gore sharing websites. The site was completely uncensored and presented graphic videos from war and accidents, as well as uncensored news and gore footage. The site raised controversy for not asking for consent from any victims families to upload videos of their death.

After the September 11 attack, Ogrish uploaded graphic videos and pictures of attack victims, and hosted the execution video of Kim Sun-il in 2004.[1]


Several internet service providers is many different countries blocked access to Ogrish.com in 2005.[2]

In July 2005, a video of a cat being burned alive was publicly posted to ogrish.org, which received backlash from forum users, administrators, and many non-Ogrish users. The video was soon deleted off the site, and the user who uploaded the video was eventually arrested. Shortly thereafter, a YTMND site was created out of the video featuring music from the 1993 first-person shooter game DOOM, and thus NEDM meme was born.[3]

On April 21, Ogrish closed this section, finally making the transition from a "gore" website to an "uncensored news" website. In April 2006, Ogrish.com introduced a podcast service (DJ'd by Shawn Wasson) and added a new forum section called Underground Media - members have the choice to join this section to see more images and videos.

According to the site's FAQ, the name derives from the archaic word "ogrish", meaning "like an ogre", as defined in older dictionaries in a figurative sense; that is, being like a person who is felt to be particularly cruel, brutish or hideous. This website sometimes goes down and back up with the name ogrish.co and ogrish.tv.

In 2006, Ogrish.com rebranded to liveleak, which still hosted graphic until 2020, when the site shut down.[4]


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NOTE: The following shock site contains extremely graphic content!

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