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The text that appears before showing disgusting/gruesome images.

Monkey Sugar is a shock site based around a flash animation. Upon starting, it shows a black background along with some green text, and a robotic female voice (probably Microsoft Mary) explaining the meaning of the term Monkey sugar.

She starts saying that monkey sugar is "Anything that makes one physically satisfied. By extension, anything good or desirable."; once she finishes speaking this, the text changes to the next part, and she continues: "The following are examples of things which are most certainly NOT monkey sugar...". Approximately 4 seconds after this, a shocking image of a damaged head appears, followed by other disturbing images including:

  • A vagina with thumbtacks in it.
  • What appears to be a disembodied penis or intestine.
  • Damaged anuses.
  • Someone sticking their arms into a vagina.
  • A mutilated penis with a tube in it.
  • Aborted fetuses.
  • A half-burned baby.
  • A baby with a giant red eye.
  • A harlequin fetus.
  • A cat getting experimented on.
  • A man with a fleshy ball on an intestine dangling from his legs.
  • A man with half of his face missing.
  • A nipple nailed to a table.
  • A tattoo.
  • A faceless corpse.
  • Flayed testicles.
  • A woman spreading her anus and vagina.
  • Mutilated penises and groinal areas.
  • A man with part of his face blown off.
  • A woman eating feces from another person's anus.
  • Molten heads.
  • Molten legs.
  • Mutilated corpses.
  • A split-open hand.
  • The Pillsbury Doughboy seeing a woman cooking what appear to be his species.
  • A partially-skinned lower body.
  • A split-open penis.
  • A hand in a meat grinder.
  • A split-open neck.
  • A man with a handle in his eye.
  • A severed head on a plate.
  • A man lying in blood with a cloth in his mouth.
  • A vagina with scissors in it.
  • An eye.
  • Severed legs.
  • Giant testicles.
  • Mutilated body parts.
  • A man with a hole in his chest.
  • A strange-looking egg.
  • A tied-up man.
  • A man with his nipples attached to a table.
  • Two fleshy balls.
  • Severed legs in a box.
  • Two severed heads kissing.
  • More mutilated corpses.

It is not known exactly if this site aims to be a shock site as an animation, because it can even insinuate black comedy, considering the way the images are presented, and the music.


File:MonkeySugar TTS.ogg The TTS voice that plays at the beginning of the slideshow.
File:MonkeySugar Music.ogg
The African music that plays during the slideshow.


NOTE: The following website contains extremely graphic images



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