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8 Girls No Cup is a shock video from a film created by MFX Media, the video has the same girls depicted in it. This video hasn’t been nearly known as 2 Girls 1 Cup, 4 Girls Fingerpaint, or even 2 Girls 1 Finger.

The video starts out with a text stating: MFX 1000, it then cuts to someone knocking on the door while 8 girls are having a party. Then one girl pees into a glass and then another girl drinks it while the other girls cheer like cheerleaders. Then the girls all strip and one girl goes swerving underneath them as they defecate into her mouth. Then the video closes with the other seven girls puking on the one girl and one girl asks “is everyone having fun?”.

This video in fact is quite hard to find. That doesn’t take away from the fact that this video is probably the best match for a 2 Girls 1 Cup sequel, as many people wonder when a sequel will come for that video.


NOTE: The following shock site contains pornographic content!

  • imtmd.blogspot.com/2008/12/8girlsnocup-8.html?m=1


Anonymous #1

10 months ago
Score 2++
This one is worse

Anonymous #2

10 months ago
Score 2++
oh no

Anonymous #3

10 months ago
Score 2++
The video is G R O S S .

Anonymous #4

7 months ago
Score 1++
Really gross

Anonymous #5

5 months ago
Score 1 You
they were speaking spanish

Anonymous #5

3 months ago
Score 1 You
Pee, puke and shit together is no no for me sorry not sorry.

Anonymous #5

2 months ago
Score 1 You
Oh no don't look at that thumbnail in the link.

Anonymous #5

28 days ago
Score 0 You
You know it's related to human waste when it has [number] [person] [number] [object] in the title
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