Putrid Sex Object

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Putrid Sex Object is a shock video video consists of a male cross dresser (possible sex change) walking around in a dark house for 2 minutes until the most disgusting shit you have ever seen pops up. He comes into one room with a severed, possibly rotten cow head on the floor. He proceeds to make out with the bloody carcass, then decorate himself (?) with the creature’s neck muscles. To make things even worse, he starts masturbating with the rotten meat surrounding him, and sticks his dick into the cow’s eye hole. The video ends


NOTE The Following Video Contains Pornography!

  • www.exet.nu/nsfw/putrid-sex-object/



one day 17 hours 46 minutes ago
Score 0++
AFF! Necrophilia with zoophilia. This guy is sick in his head to do this!
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