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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

1444 is a shock video of a man shooting himself on live stream. The video involves Russian VK user Gleb Korablyov (often spelled Gleb Korablev) pointing a shotgun at his head, and triggering it after 3 seconds, blowing his brain out.


On October 17, 2019, Russian VK user Gleb Korablyov launched a live broadcast on the platform. During the broadcast, Korablyov took a Saiga semi-automatic shotgun, pointed it to his head, warned a person to wait before notifying his parents of his suicide, and shot himself. Two seconds prior to shooting himself, Korablyov made a reference to a Russian suicide-related meme "Nya, poka!".[1]

On the same day, the now-deleted YouTube channel GORE reposted a short clip of the video as "1444", with the video gaining over 151,000 views in three days before being taken down by YouTube moderators.

Gleb's reason for his suicide was never confirmed, but it is often speculated that he was suffering from heart disease.


Gleb Korablyov performing at a theatre, five months before his suicide

Starting on October 20, 2019, the video received further spread through discussions on social media. Similar to Momo, it was rumored among Spanish-speaking internet users that the video was cursed by the original uploader on the deep web and that the curse could only be lifted from the viewer by commenting on the date on the video. At that time, multiple users made posts warning against watching the video. For example, Twitter user irkepoc gained over 13,700 retweets and 10,900 likes in two days.

In December 2019, another trend appeared on TikTok, with user DoNotGoogle telling users to refrain from searching "1444" on the website. The video has over 100K likes on TikTok, in addition to the shock video's circulation, this has been posted around in Discord servers, mostly the one that features gore.


*Sitting down on sofa, attaches a carabiner to the head*

- Nikita, if you will quickly tell it to parents, I will take you out from the grave. I know you have their phone number.

*making pause*

- Okey, don't remember bad about me. How was it told there?.. A, yeah! Nyan, goodbye (shooting)


  1. The meaning of Nya, Poka!


NOTE: The following video contains extremely graphic content!

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