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Rootpain is a short video posted on TikTok by the Spanish user Maxy.flv, also known as WhatDeHeel. The video was uploaded on February 19th, 2023.

The video starts with a pink stick figure character named "Perico" sporting a red bow on its neck and set to Kesha's Cannibal. However, after just 5 seconds, the video takes an unexpected turn as the stickman became sinister-like and the background shifts to red. It abruptly displays an image of a man with white eyes and black pupils and a wide mouth, accompanied by a startling, loud female scream sourced from the movie Great Expeditions (famously recognized in Scary Tic-Tac-Toe). The original video was created by @pericolosolapace.exe, who also owns and represents the original character.[1]

Maxy.flv, the video's creator, has produced several similar screamers both before and after "Rootpain." These videos typically feature clips from various sources, primarily animation memes, before transitioning to the screamer segment. Notably, one of Maxy.flv's videos incorporates a clip from an animation by Mexican-Polish animator Typh. In this video, two hands appear to pull the animation apart, revealing the same unsettling face seen in "Rootpain." The face then extends toward the viewer before the video concludes.

The screamer image originally created by DeviantArt user ImaginaryMassacre under the name "firebrand."[2] The "firebrand" screamer image has also made appearances in various corners of the internet, including a Doom WAD called "do_not_play.wad," the Roblox game Nico's Nextbots, a horror YouTube web series titled "TribeTwelve," and more.




NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!



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