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The following article contains content that some may find shocking.
Reader discretion is advised.

The victim.

mr.lilcarti___ was an Instagram account created in 2020 whose sole upload was a video containing heavy, graphic content.

The video is CCTV footage of an elevator in what appears to be a hotel in India, displaying the footage between 12:43 and 12:44 hours on November 28, 2020. It starts with three kids, one of them being notably smaller than the other two, entering the elevator. It has no automatic doors and instead has a scissor gate door that must be closed manually. Each floor has a wooden door that must be opened before getting to the elevator itself.

The three children involve what appears to be two boys and a girl; one with Hozefa Shaikh, the smaller child is wearing a white shirt, and the girl is wearing a burgundy dress. They are pressing random buttons in the elevator - which gets activated for floors 4 and 6. Once it reaches the fourth floor, the female and the small child get out.

The boy with the dark shirt stays behind, shutting himself in the narrow horizontal space between floor 4's wooden door, and the outer side of the scissor gates; most likely, he mistakenly believed the space to be part of the elevator. After carefully positioning himself, the elevator takes off for floor 6, and the boy gets crushed to death between the gate and the two following floors.

He suffers fatal pressure injuries to his entire body as the elevator reaches floor 5. At this point, only his head is visible, laying against the outer edge of the elevator; the rest of his body had been pushed downward against floor 5's wooden door. His head gets crushed in half and pushed down once the elevator reaches floor 6, making the child disappear from view.

The account, which was growing in popularity ever since the moment the video was uploaded, is now deleted on Instagram. The video had been reported by the news in India before the account uploaded it, receiving over 150,000 views. The CCTV footage can be found on Hoodsite, uploaded the day after the recording's date,

Additionally, the account was spread across TikTok, receiving over 500,000 likes before getting taken down.


NOTE: The following shock video contains graphic content!



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