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Black Licorice is a "Clickamajig" game made by Nickelodeon on October 31, 2002.

After clicking past the title screen, a brief message appears, warning the player not to give black licorice to any of the trick-or-treaters at the door. Once the player opens the door, three of five trick-or-treaters will be waiting for you: a boy dressed as a cowboy, a girl dressed as a bunny, a boy dressed as a fire fighter, a girl dressed as a fairy or black cat, and a baby dressed as a pumpkin or a bee. Strangely, all the trick-or-treaters have photos of real children as heads.


The player then must hand them orange candies from a plate, and has to be careful not to click on the black licorice, but it can be difficult not to. If the player does give any of the trick-or-treaters black licorice, the happy music in the background stops playing. "Black licorice?" the kid asks, disappointed, before saying in a deep demonic voice "I DON’T LIKE BLACK LICORICE!" while the kid transforms into a monster depending on which trick-or-treater the player gave the black licorice to, and a scare chord plays. The voices of each kid are different, unless they have the same face. The same goes for the demonic voices, which are different as well. The player automatically slams the door shut before the kid can hurt them. After that, the game resets.

A screamer can occur if the player shuts the door on the trick-or-treaters. Once the door is closed, the baby dressed as a bee peeks through the mail slot and says "Oh yeah, I almost forgot" before busting its head through the mail slot and saying "HAPPY HALLOWEEN!" with a demonic face.

Since it's a screamer game created by Nickelodeon, it was later removed due to multiple complaints from Parents,


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

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