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Black Licorice is a Clickamajig game made by Nickelodeon on October 31, 2002. The game begins with a warning message advising players not to give black licorice to any of the trick-or-treaters at the door. Upon opening the door, players are presented with three out of five trick-or-treaters waiting outside, including a boy dressed as a cowboy, a girl dressed as a bunny, a boy dressed as a firefighter, a girl dressed as a fairy or black cat, and a baby dressed as a pumpkin or a bee. Notably, all the trick-or-treaters have photos of real children as heads.


In gameplay, the player must give the trick-or-treaters orange candies from a plate, while avoiding clicking on the black licorice. If the player accidentally gives any of the trick-or-treaters black licorice, the happy music in the background stops playing and the trick-or-treater transforms into a monster depending on which one the player gave the black licorice to, while saying "Black licorice? I DON’T LIKE BLACK LICORICE!" in a deep demonic voice. The player automatically slams the door shut before the monster can harm them, and the game resets.

There is a screamer in the game, which can be triggered when the player shuts the door on the trick-or-treaters. After the door is closed, the baby dressed as a bee will peek through the mail slot and say "Oh yeah, I almost forgot" before busting its head through the mail slot and shouting "HAPPY HALLOWEEN!" with a demonic face.

Due to multiple complaints from parents, the game was later removed from the Nickelodeon website.


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

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