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Closed Website
This article is about a website that no longer exists. Links to its archive on the Wayback Machine or a saved copy are provided. was a screamer website that was meant to trick people into going to a fake domain. The link was meant to be sent with the last two letters capitalized in order to look similar to an actual StrawpoLL link (note the Ls), misleading the recipient of the screamer.

Once opened, the website would display a flashing picture of Amy Peterson from Fright Night, along with an extremely loud screech. At the top, there was text encouraging the user to copy/paste the screamer link to send to their friends. The website is currently defunct, meaning it no longer exists.


The site used to display a flashing picture of Jeff the Killer along with an extremely loud scream, using the same .swf file as Anne.jpg. The earliest archive states that over 35,000 people have visited the site.

In 2015, the website turned into a flashing picture of Amy from Fright Night accompanied by a loud screech, and stayed that way until it went defunct.

There are also mirrors that the creator has hosted, including: "" and "".


A website called "Troll Feicebruque" was launched in 2011, with a similar goal of misleading the user. The website: was registered as well. The hoster of the site is Swedish. was registered in 2015. This one, in particular, does not have any archives to its existence whatsoever.

The original site was later closed along with its mirrors.


WARNING: The following websites contain a screamer with flashing lights.




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