Real Demons Caught On Tape

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Real Demons Caught On Tape is a screamer video created by Justin Martinez and uploaded to YouTube by a user named chestertyler714 in early 2006. The video has garnered praise for its ability to create suspense and fear and has since been praised as one of the better "caught on tape" videos online. It has also been featured in an episode of the Adult Swim television series Off the Air, specifically the Nightmares episode.

The video presents a first-person perspective of a frantic search for a flashlight, followed by the discovery of a terrifying sight. The viewer sees green hands emerging through the ceiling and walls, tentacle-like appendages appearing from under the door, and an ominous eye on the wall. The video concludes with a startling jump scare, where a figure composed entirely of hands jumps out and screams at the camera, causing the perspective to fall and the video to end abruptly.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!




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