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The corpse of the lady who committed suicide.

Bongcheon-Dong (봉천동 귀신), as it is written in (mostly known and misspelled as Bong Chong Dong Ghost), is a Korean webcomic of a dead lady with a bleeding face and red eyes. Bongcheon-Dong is also a statutory division of Gwanak District, Seoul, South Korea. The story gets its name from the location it is set in, Bongcheon-dong, a statutory division of Gwanak District, Seoul, South Korea.

The comic is about a true story that happened in South Korea.


The story is about a high school student girl walking home alone at 11 pm after her night study sessions. Suddenly she noticed a strange woman limping on the streets. There was no one on the streets except those cited above. She was described by the schoolgirl as "wearing dirty pink pajamas" and "looked as if all her joints in her body had been twisted".

The first screamer comes soon after the schoolgirl notices her: The ghost twists her head all the way around with a creepy face. After that, the ghost asked: "Where's my baby?" and the girl pointed in a random direction, hoping the ghost would leave her alone. The ghost then walked to where she was pointing. The girl attempted to run away while the ghost was busy, but the ghost yelled "She is not here!" and runs towards the screen in the second screamer.

The comic is about a true story that happened in South Korea. As Horang says: "In 2007 [...], a 33-year-old woman jumped off the apartment and died on the spot. Known as sir name [sic] Cho, a divorcee due to her extra-marital affair, she had lost her custody of her two-year-old daughter and decided to commit suicide."


NOTE: The following comic contains a screamer!

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