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Snowy Tracks are Scary, better known as Autoway Tires Commercial, is a commercial from the Japanese tire company Autoway Tires located in Fukouka, Japan. It was first uploaded to YouTube by user Andre Andrea under the name Scary Japanese Tire Commercial in 2013.

The commercial, unlike the K-fee commercials, begins with a warning stating that anyone with heart problems or any mental or physical health concerns shouldn't view the footage; most likely due to the video’s more visceral horror aspect. It then cuts to two men driving at night in the snow. We see a white ghost-like figure standing in the distance, and eventually, at the 0:16 second mark, the ghost jumps up towards the screen while a brief loud noise plays.

The two men start panicking and back away from the ghost and the ghost can be seen holding a laptop with Japanese text saying: "Have you put your winter tires on?" and the company logo. This video ranked at #1 in a "Top 10 Most Disturbing Commercials" video by YouTube user HelloImAPizza.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

  • HelloImAPizza Video:



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