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Fake K-pop Fancams ( also called the "Fancam Situation" ) are videos shared on Twitter and Instagram pretending to be a k-pop fancam video but actually show either a screamer or disturbing imagery including but not limited to murder, torture, self-harm and suicide.

This phenomenon appeared at the end of May 2020. Many k-pop stans have found red flags to identify the members of groups from where it originated such as keywords ("slit" or "slitz") and symbols.


The twitter account @fancamsituation and the #stopusingfancamsasbait hashtag were created to spread awareness and who to block.

Multiple BlockTogether.org blocklists were made to block off those who posted the fake fancams. Many people took a break or censored their replies to avoid any spread of the situation.

Chainmail-like rumors were made:

  • Answering to their DMs were made would lead to your account being stolen
  • Answering to their DMs would lead to your doxxing

These rumors have been debunked by Mutahar, owner of the tech/deep web/news channel SomeOrdinaryGamers.



NOTE: The following twitter threads may contain accounts that post disturbing content!

  • twitter.com/pockyymon/status/1264979540117532672
  • Example screamer provided by wiki user TabbyGarf: twitter.com/BigDickTabby/status/1265764566123888649


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