Resident Evil 4 Commercial

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Resident Evil 4 TV Commercial is a commercial that was first aired in 2005, and it contains a screamer.

The ad cuts into a naked woman breastfeeding her baby in a bedroom with the narrator saying: "Remember where you are, feel the most secure. Most comfortably, most liked. this place will never exist again" after a scene of a baby. but suddenly, the woman's face fades black and a zombie's face shows up with a high-pitched scream. It then shifts towards montages of gameplay videos after which the Capcom logo appears. After this, a zombie's face pops up again.


  • This is often considered to be the weirdest commercial ever, ranking at #5 as "Zombie Breast Feeding" in the "Top 10 Weird Video Game Commercials" video, made by


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!




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