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Cinema du Comical Cartoon Calamities was an old animation/website created by MJBDiver (Michael J. Brazinkas) in 2000. The site featured stickman animations and screamers created in both animated GIF and Flash format.

The site have received much traffic as the site continues running until he closed his entire site, Michael have concerned that most of his "visitors moved on with their lives instead of continuing to depend on stick figure death animations to enrich their very lives.", During the creation of his site, he was unhappy, lonely at his apartment with no friends and rarely leaving the apartment when he wasn't working.

The goal is to create flash animations to make online friends, as a result, the plan worked, and hang out with them in the forums, where they only share their animations and critique them, until he realized that he's the oldest one, and the other users were in their early teens, and yet, he doesn't feel right as forums are his entire social life, though he majorly changed and have more friends to see "face to face" for a while, and now engaged with photography and writing fiction, the CDCCC was shut down for good in 2015.[1]


He also reuploaded his animations to Newgrounds in 2001, with the first animation uploaded was titled "Scooter Ride of Doom", he was confident that SROD was "silly and original", Michael uploaded "Interactive Stick Death" in which it presents with a menu for controlling the action. He uploaded another animation titled "Winter Wonderland" showing a tranquil winter scene before it’s suddenly taken over by evil tomatoes dancing to the theme song from “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”. The animations did not go well for many users and had received lower scores. Mike leaves a message on his account before closing down in the same year when CDCCC discontinued.[2][3]


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