Cute Puppy Staring Contest

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This page is about a lost screamer or shock site. If you have any copies of this, please link them here or in the comments.

Cute Puppy Staring Contest was a screamer video that was uploaded to YouTube in 2009.

The opening credits informs you that if you are a Rush fan, you should keep watching because the video contains the song "YYZ." Then a picture of a puppy appears on the screen, telling that if you "look at it's witty eyes for 30 seconds," you will be "hypnotized by cute."

After about 25 seconds, a face from What's Wrong? appears and changes in different colors, accompanied by an intensifying female scream. before the credit is shown stating that informs them that it's a "A&E"tTeam video, then a different screamer appears afterward.


NOTE: the following video contains screamers!




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