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This article contains content that some may find shocking.‎
Reader discretion is advised.

A shock site is a website that aims to offend as many people as possible, generally by showing offensive images. It is used often as a form of attack during message board invasions, this article lists multiple shock sites on the internet.

Major Shock sites

Shock sites that are very notable, and most popular.


Meatspin or known as Spin.gif is an animated GIF file depicting an act of anal sex between two men. One man is seated, and the other is sitting on his lap. The penis of the man below is inserted into the anus of the man on top. The man on top is moving up and down, causing his penis to spin in a clockwise direction; the image is animated in such a way that the spinning motion of the penis appears to be infinite, The man with the spinning penis has a tan line indicating he has worn female undergarments; this has led some to believe that this person is actually a male-to-female transsexual who has not yet undergone sexual reassignment surgery, in January 2007, the creator of the site: "" later created another site that hosts multiple shock sites on the internet, most of the sites are likely to be suggested my infrequent users which are mentioned in the description.

Hello.jpg ( or known as Hello.jpg or simply just Goatse, the name is pronounced as Goatsee or Goatsex, the file: "" which is a zip file that consists of several images of a man (who was later identified to be Kirk Johnson) inserting large buttplugs to his anus as well as inserting sexual objects to his anus such as Dildos, that one such image, it is originally labeled: "gap3.jpg", the image depicts a man stretching out his anus after putting several large sexual objects into his anus, the owner who hosts the site was eventually taken to the court, The site was taken down by the NIC .cx authority in January 2004.

Last Measure

Main Article: Last Measure

An infamous shock site that pops all over the internet due to the mirrors created by trolls are started to spread across the internet, the site initially displays the Hello.jpg image, then later opens several window tabs that show pornographic pictures and medical photographs taken from Wikipedia, followed by a script on the source code, that causes the window tabs to bounces around the screen, accompanied by audio of a man screaming: "HEY IM LOOKING AT GAY PORNO", in order to alert people around you, there are multiple variants on the site including the one with seizures, It also attempts to forward the site's address through your mail application. Previous versions utilized javascript. contains a picture, the picture was labeled lemonparty.jpg, of three elderly men lying on a bed naked, engaged in kissing and oral sex. The site was defunct for a number of years, then restored.[citation needed]

It once had a link that stated "click here to wash your eyeballs", which led to a picture of a kitten. In addition, the background has turned gray and there is another link below that leads to the "Official lemonparty chatroom". It now features advertisements and the song "If You Want to be Happy" by Jimmy Soul plays in the background.

2 Girls 1 Cup

The most famous shock site among all of those, the video was directed by MFX Media, the video depicts 2 two lesbian women, Karla and Latifa kissing each other while half topless, followed by scenes of Latifa defecating into a cup, then they eat and lick their feces from the cup and vomiting into each other's mouths as well, The song Lover's Theme by Hervé Roy plays through the video, there are multiple variants of the site including the one with an infamous song of Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up, or the other that includes Mortal Kombat song or Darude-Sandstorm song.

Hai2u features an image of a woman vomiting while performing fellatio on a man sitting in a lawn chair, taken from a photoshoot by Max Hardcore. The actress uses the stage name Catalina and is featured in several of Hardcore's films. The site has the text "HAI2U!!!1 :)" in bold at the top of the page. The page is written in w3c validated XHTML 1.0 Transitional markup, and contains a link visible only in the Internet Explorer browser to make it your homepage. It was at one point highly ranked on a Google image search for "blowjob".

Tubgirl was a redirect to a picture, tubgirl.jpg, containing a masked, naked woman lying in a bathtub, buttocks raised with her legs over her head, projecting a fountain of liquid from her anus. Before the launch of, this image was featured in a story "Fecal Japan" claiming that the subject matter is allegedly popular in Japan. The image displayed on is marked as having been previously posted on The URL address now redirects to Consumption Junction, and displays the image with a "rate me" box, where viewers can rate the image from 1 to 10, the only mirror that was still active was "". formerly is the most recent popular shock site that circulates around the internet in July 2020, the site was created on the day of April 23rd, 2019, When entering, the main page of the site contains a black background surrounding a big rectangular box with a warning sign written, stating the website contains dark, adult humor, After the button was clicked, this plays a video of a man inserting a small industrial screw into his urethra, followed by a flashing background cutting into 2 pictures depicting a skinned dog hanged upon the tree, accompanied by 2 extremely loud audios, one is a Loud Nigra meme (file name: scream.mp4), and the other is 2 people screaming (rape.mp4),

In addition to this website, there is a malicious script that forces the browser to full-screen in order to prevent the user from closing the tab/browser, the previous content of the site, the video used to be showing a medical recording of pork tapeworm cysts being squeezed from a human liver, and the background is a low-quality of a Blackman raping a bottom-half corpse of a woman, followed by a photoshopped picture of a man ejaculating into a baby with Harlequin Fetus disease, the recent content of the site changes the background image to a man with his face smashed in by a bear (this refers to be uploaded somewhere in, along with a baby laying down on the grill, while the video is still maintained (due to its being more shocking than most shock sites).

During its circulations, the site was closed for violating the registrar's terms of services, the site has moved on to the domain of .xyz after 2 days of ruckus, and again, the site later moves on to .net for obscure reasons.

Cake Farts

Cake farts was a shock video created by an unknown creator.

It first starts out with a square, one-layer chocolate cake, and then it pans to show a woman, and then she tells the viewers that she likes to fart on cakes and that she will need to get comfortable in order to do it. Then she gets naked, gets her hair out of a bun, and then she sits over the cake and then starts to fart numerous times on it before squishing her butt in the cake. Covering her butt with the frosting and the cake batter while still farting and moaning while doing it,

The frosting was dyed mashed potatoes, and the cake was made of silicone, and the woman in the video had really bad neck problems after she was done filming it, and she claims that she looks back on the video and laughs at the weird decisions she made in her life and that that was one of them. [citation needed]

It can also appear on Pornhub (only because the popular YouTuber Pewdiepie even uses this version.), however, the video was deleted due to the policy of Pornhub.

Other Shock Sites

Shock sites that are not as popular as the notable ones.

  • - The site disguises itself to stop racism, but instead, the user will get a flash animation of a gayporn video that consists of 2 guys having sex.
  • - a shock site about monkeys When opened, the site presents a grey background and contains a picture of a man sitting on a Bergere chair, while a monkey is seen stroking his penis.
  • Meat Bounce - Meat Bounce is a pornographic GIF of a transexual riding some guy. and Her massive erect penis is bouncing up and down violently!, this GIF is located on, similar to Meatspin.
  • Don't Watch Us - Don't Watch Us is a shock site, showing a pornographic GIF of a woman sucking a massive cock, massive balls, and cum is pouring out of her mouth while she is sucking in slow-motion. The name and slowing down is really similar to Do Not Watch.
  • OMGLOL.TK - The website displays pictures that depicts a man, doing a long, runny turd onto a paper towel, and then sucking some of it up into a syringe, then injecting it down his penis, and then squeezing it back out again, the page has been deleted.
  • - As the domain suggests, it's not YouTube, but when accessing the domain, will lead you to an image of a whale's penis, followed by a text stating "This site isn't YouTube. It's a picture of a whale's penis".
  • - is a shock site showing an image of a really small penis and an "if you find the above image offensive, disgusting or in any way insulting please don't look at it !" message below the image.
  • PenisBird: - Penis Bird is an image of a Scarlet Macaw perched on a man's erect penis. The page contains a note from a Slashdot reader asking that the image be relocated (if not removed) because Slashdot trolls are using hyperlinks to send unsuspecting users there. The page also mentions a crude ASCII art version of the penisbird, which appears from time to time on Slashdot.
  • Pillowfight.jpg a picture of a man's genitals and body covered in feces or vomit. There's another shock image that has the same name but a picture of a man's testicles and scrotum chopped off.
  • - is a shock site, which has a banner title of "Jessica Alba Naked" to perhaps lure unsuspecting victims, shows an animation of a guy inserting a telephone receiver into his anus and pulling it out repeatedly. The song "Hanging on the Telephone" by Blondie plays in the background. It may take a while until the flash animation loads, however, it seems like the banner title is not there anymore.
  • Desert of the Real: is a shock site It shows a picture of a man with a mustache, sucking on feces coming out of another man's anus. This is one of the most graphic shock sites out there.
  • - contains a picture showing the remains of a man who put a lit firecracker into his mouth. It is not yet known who he was. The name was chosen to trick people into going to the site, as the gruesome photo makes the victim look like an oozing cherry cake,
  • On February 16 2006 at, the front page was updated to show a picture of a fetus that appears to be suffering from a serious case of Harlequin type ichthyosis, followed by the original picture of the man's face after 2 seconds.
  • - is a website showing an image of a man with a nail inside of his penis, with the caption "we <3 the elderly :)". There is also an image of a Chia Pet underneath some links to other shock sites, one of them being Lemon Party.
  • Workse - Workse is a shock site created in 2004 showing a picture of a naked, distressed looking Japanese man with hot wax on his head receiving anal sex from a kangaroo with ropes on its neck in the mud while people are watching. The caption says "A naked and shaven Japanese is forcibly sodomized by a kangaroo and coated in hot wax whilst sandalled onlookers stand by." The website has been closed.
  • Teletorrents - Teletorrents is a shock site that contains a picture of one man's hand immersed in a second man's anus. The large text below the picture reads "Surprise, asshole!". The domain of the site is purposely misleading, indicating that it contains BitTorrent files.
  • Lime Rave - Lime Rave is a shock site that displays a picture of a man with an enlarged penis, in some versions of the site, it mostly involves a malicious script running constantly to "shake" the browser window upon entering the site, perhaps in an attempt to startle unsuspecting users in general. However, there is not much known about this website, and there are no online mirrors anymore.
  • - contains a picture of two old men doing 69 positions. It also includes over modulated audio "Hey everybody, I'm looking at gay porno!", the same audio on Last Measure.
  • - the site displays an animation/video of two naked men where one of them is cutting off the other's testicles, After a long closure, the website was purchased by Lawiki1534, a fellow admin of the wiki.
  • - the site contains a looping flash video of a woman urinating on herself and then licking a piece of poop, followed by someone taking it and shoving it into her vagina. She urinates again, pops it out, and continues peeing. A loop of Journey - Any Way You Want It. plays in the background.
  • - a shock site -that contains a picture of a sweaty, obese man having sex with a noticeably unhappy-looking young woman, who is leaning on a filthy sofa. The man is eating a can of creamed corn, with another empty can on the girl's back. The picture itself also is a hidden link to a well-known flash application that plays music and flashes bright RGB colors in an attempt to trigger an epileptic seizure.
  • was a shock site that consists of three images of a woman in a dress. Next are three images of a transgendered woman wearing a black shirt and blue jeans. The final image is of the woman naked, sitting on a bed, revealing her penis and breasts. "Bakla" is a Tagalog (Filipino) a derogatory term for homosexual, basically equivalent to "queer" in English or simply "Bakla". The person shown on the page is from the Philippines. is no longer active.
  • - is a shock site featuring a photo of a black man having sex with an inflatable purple penguin, with a mysteriously serene expression on his face. This page formerly consisted of single different images in the past such as circuses, bold texts, etc. you can only enter using Wayback Machine
  • - is a popular shock site that features an image of a man with his testicles cut off, and the scrotum as well were laying in front of him.

Former Shock sites

  • - contained a picture, highballer.jpg, of a man standing on top of a concrete platform with his trousers down, projecting a fountain of liquid feces.
  • - the site contains a photograph of two men, one being anally penetrated by the other with what appeared to be a bicycle pump. In addition to that, both were covered in feces. The name of the site was taken from the Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology, which used to be known by the acronym SCAT. The website has now been replaced by the actual Shrewsbury College website. This shock site was perhaps the only one to have appeared in a print newspaper, featuring in a front-page article of the Shrewsbury Chronicle in December 2005.
  • and - is a shock site that were based upon GNAA's Last Measure shock site engine. They feature classic Last Measure images with crudely photoshopped faces of Denise Paolucci, a LiveJournal employee that heads up the Abuse team.
  • featured a montage of various anal fisting and scat fetish pictures. Origins are unknown. The site existed in this form until around May 2003, when the content was taken down and a .tk placeholder put in its place. In early 2004 the placeholder was removed and different non-shock content added.
  • displayed an old (or digitally altered to create the impression of) greyscale picture of five men, one of whom was lying on his back being fellated by another, who was, in turn, being penetrated by another, who was, in turn, being penetrated by the fifth. The keywords used to help categorize the page with search engines contained various non-related terms such as: "white power, Gilligan's island, radio free Berkeley and iambic pentameter" among others.
  • The Gummi Series - the site consist of files that leads to a picture of a man inserting objects into his urethra, one of them being a pencil, the person in the image was the same person depicted in 2 kids 1 sandbox.

Shock sites accumulators was a shock site collection website First released in January 2006, As the website name suggests, they were supposedly the creators of the popular meatspin site.

The main page of the site displays a white background with some shock sites aligned vertically such as or and many more, clicking them will result in shocking flash animations, videos, GIFs, and regardless of what type, in somewhere in 2007, there is a description that tells the whole purpose of the Meatspin network, which talks about that the website was to organize all of the shocking material available on the internet. is a shock site that hosts multiple shock sites on the internet, the site was officially launched in 2007, the site was hosted by the creator of Lemon Party, the website is still active but most of the shock sites they've hosted were closed.


LOLShock is a website that contains links to multiple shock sites.

Shock sites Featured

NOTE: Notable shock sites are not included in this list.

  • Blue Waffle - consisted of just a picture of what appears to be a diseased vagina.
  • Bowlgirl - a video of a woman vomiting on a bowl, At this point, she shoves her entire down her throat, causing her to barf, in addition to this, if the blood comes out as she barfs, she will drink all of the contents of the bowl.
  • Do Not Watch (Chomp.avi) - an edited version of Chomp.avi, the video starts with a montage of a man consuming diarrhea coming from a transgender man.
  • Clown Song - a video of a man fiercely stretching his anus (almost resembling the Goatse), while screaming in agony.
  • Fruit Launcher - contained a looping flash animation of a woman inserting oranges to her anus and vagina, the animation loops again after an orange pops up on her anus
  • Funnel Chair - a video, or animation depicting a chair with a funnel attached on the seat, the man is attached on the funnel as well, the woman is seen walking, and expels a long stream of diarrhea while a man consumes all of them, while consuming, the man can be heard moaning after consuming a long stream of feces coming from a woman.
  • Homewares - consisted of an image of a girl in fishnet stockings laying on a towel with her head up against the wall. Complementing the image is the fact that the girl is covered in feces from the towel she is laying on all the way up to her face, In the more recent version, the site displays a pornographic gif of a clown penetrating a woman suffering from dwarfism in what seems to be someone's birthday party, the original image should be noted that it came from another shock site known as "".
  • LOLTrain - a picture of 4 men doing anal sex as a foursome; "All aboard the MANTRAIN" appears. The men are in front of an indoor soccer goal and are performing the sexual act while wearing indoor soccer clothes and shoes, and again, the picture originates on "".
  • Merry Holidays - a site that contains a video, it contains footage of an actor performing a number of sexual activities while talking to the camera. The activities include spanking his own anus with a small paddle, lighting a firecracker and inserting a banana up his anus and eating it, Pulling a rainbow lollipop out of his ass, doing an enema, making out on a Blow-up doll, and penetrating both a raw turkey and a pumpkin.
  • The Mac User - contains an image of a poop-covered naked man who is seen eating a dildo covered in poop pieces, with the caption "Feed me more delicious turd cocks", the site was intended to mock users who use another operating system known as Macintosh.
  • Mud Monster - a video of a man covered in white paint, masturbating by rubbing his penis (which is seen covered in green), he then covered himself in green, the older version was a GIF of a man covered in feces masturbating to a song of Now You're A Man from the cult classic: "Orgazmo".
  • Nut Abuse - a graphic video of a man getting his genitals kicked by 4 girls, the man is heard screaming after his genitals were brutally kicked and abused, the recent version shows a woman with an enlarged penis.
  • Phone Japan: - a short animation depicting 2 women, one is vomiting on the other who is already covered in vomit, the song: "Turning Japanese" by the Vapors blares in the background, the two actresses in the video were Mayura Hoshitsuki and Akane Mochida.
  • Vomit Girl: a video depicting the same people from Phone Japan, vomiting each other like they did on Phone Japan.
  • Walk the Dinosaur: an animation of 2 dinosaurs sucking their own penis, the animation is apparently intended to be a "masterpiece" work of art.
  • a video of a woman with a penis having sex with the name, along with the song "Let it whip" by the "Dazz Band" plays the rest of the video.


NOTE: The following website contains links to multiple shock sites!

  • All shock sites listed:



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