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Certast. (Remastered) is a remake of the Scratch game Certast., created by METALpunch3912 (formerly @3921-Roblox).

Firstly, "Certast" was introduced in the game. He will ask if you want to play with him after you introduce yourself; if you say no, he will respond "Why not?"; if you say yes, he will say "Ok then, let's play-" If it's an incorrect answer, he'll ask: "What do you mean by 'invalid answer?" , as he's about to finish his sentence: "Hold on, can you hear that?". The screen goes dark, and the wailing sounds (similar to the ones from Certast, except reversed) will begin to play.

The game will turn into reverse, the screen will show Certast with a crooked smile and wide, empty eye sockets, saying "Hello" and "wanna play????" If you answer yes, he'll say "Good Choice." He will respond with "Do you think I care about your answer?" if you say no or give an "invalid answer." He describes the game as "QUIZ of Satan."

It's the same game as in the original. in the final question: "Do you think I will let you win" No matter what you type in, the screen goes black again with eerie sounds from the first Luna Game starts playing, accompanied by a text: "To be continued...".


NOTE: The following game contains screamers!

  • scratch.mit.edu/projects/335859900/



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