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Lost footage (remastered) is a Scratch project made by zeebeethedog on April 16, 2018.

The animation starts with Mario on the background, with VHS overlay covering the screen, after a few seconds, Scratch cat appears with a worried expression on his face, a few seconds later (at the same time, you can see Mario on the left), a lion appears from the left side of the screen, and kills the cat, then 2 text appears at the top of the cat that states: "DIE" and "No one is safe", a few seconds later, a picture of Ellis from Lomando.com appears along with the same scream from the game.

There's a safe version without a screamer for that, which is original.

There's also a remixed version by Dark Emperor Kuromi as a part of the SkyMAX Wrecked! series. In this remix, Mario is replaced by Shadow Man, Scratch Cat and the lion are replaced by Masked Osodashi and Jankenman, respectively, and a picture of Ellis is replaced with a flashing, close up photo of a crowing rooster zooming in and out with a loud Tarzan yell (same one from the 1932 film Tarzan of the Apes) instead of the scream. A SkyMAX Wrecked! outro is also used at the end, where, instead of the text saying "You've have been wrecked", there was a red text saying "Uh-oh! You freakin' moron! You just got SABOTAGED!!! Tag your friends to totally SABOTAGE them!" (a reference to the "Green de la Bean" meme) as well as a "REPLAY HERE!" text appearing after the SkyMAX logo destroys Shadow Man. Clicking on "REPLAY HERE!" replays the footage. This version is titled "Hidden Footage".

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NOTE: The following project contains a screamer!

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Anonymous #1

11 months ago
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Another cringe

Anonymous #2

7 months ago
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Another Lomando.com screamer
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