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Poochee and Pansy
Maker: Dreamaxion
Type: YouTube video
Release date: 2009

Poochee and Pansy is an ARG-related web series focusing on two puppies trying to save a cat from an evil witch. The premiere episode, uploaded to YouTube in 2009, contains a screamer, and is only the kicker to what the series becomes.

The series contains loads of disturbing imagery as well as eerie footage appearing, the series only consist of 7 episodes, in January 15th, 2010, the episode 2 of Poochee and Pansy was deleted by YouTube moderators for unknown reasons, and was brought back after 5 years, the creator gives an appeal to restore the original upload, however, it was rejected,

According to ScareTheater, the series was created to recruit viewers for an alternate reality game called: "Hunt for the Gangadiddle", it was spread around 4chan in somewhat unknown date, the point of it is to recruit users to find the mystery of Ganadiddle.[1] (See below on the "Trivia" part for more.)


All Episodes consisted in the series.

  • Episode #1 - In the first episode, a narrator introduces our titular puppy characters and mentions that one day, Poochee has something urgent to tell Pansy. He tells her of a strange dream he had about the cat getting imprisoned by the witch. Pansy reveals she had the same dream, so Poochee concludes that, because of that, the dream must be true. They venture to Sufferdark, where they meet up with a cave. A firefly, named Freddie, appears and attempts to guide them through the cave, only to be interrupted by a screamer, which is a piercing loud scream over an image of a skull with an eye still intact. there is the link to a website can be found on a YouTube channel information. In 2020, the video was remastered, however, the screamer was unlisted.
  • Episode #2 - The Episode is unnamed, and was blurred out again, the episode depicts a poochee with no eyes and pansy with no mouth, followed by poochee's voice repeating: "Yea Yea you're probably right", then the glitches appears and surrounding the screen, causing Poochee's voice to get distorted, the video then cuts to a cameraman holding a flashlight, on a basement or a bathroom, with some weird, old machine, and a broken sink, the camera points out the clock, at which point the man with the mask appears once again, he looks at the viewer, and covers the camera by his hand.
  • Episode #3 - The video first started with a title card, some glitches flashes for a second, the episode was called: "The Witch's Bargain", in which Pansy was trapped by the witch, and put her inside the cage, with a cauldron filled with acid under her, the witch asks Poochee to take and hand out his eye to free Pansy from the cage, otherwise she will die, Poochee has nothing to do but has decisions to take out his eyes to save her, now, Poochee decided to take out by the Witch, however, as soon as the witch gets his hand closes to poochee, at which point a footage of a fan, followed by 2 videos appearing, the first one is a phone ringing and the second one is somewhat a mannequin, accoumpanied by a girl crying, after this, this leads to a text: "You are alone, but you do not know it."
Japanese version of the title card in the fourth episode.
  • Episode #4 - The video first depicts a Japanese version of a title card along with piano sounds, the episode's title card is: "魔女の目", this translates to: "The Witch's eye", after this, the voice of the characters are now Japanese, but English subtitles have been added for the viewer's convenience, Poochee finally takes out his eye and Pansy was saved, As mentioned earlier, They are ready to save the kitten, then, the camera points out the door, followed by complete silence, After a short second, the glitches appears from the left and right corners, the viewer can see some 2 words behind it, which forms: "Cannot, hide", the glitches repeats again, then a bunch of random stuff happening started to appear again, the video abruptly cuts to a cameraman walking in the snow at midnight, the cameraman points out the ground to reveal the eerie message: "Find you", then the drawn version of it appears on the screen, After a few seconds, at which point A cloaked figure wearing a white mask, and a dark blue robe. The robe flows in the wind, appears in the screen for a second, then, the icicle appears again.
  • Episode #5 - The episode doesn't have a name, the video starts out with a title card normally, but not really, a bunch of scary images appears followed by the same person who was depicted in the previous episode, moving in unnatural way, After this, the episode continues, the cage is finally unlocked and the kitten was saved, however, only to get interrupted by a bunch of eerie footage and images, that one footage where a guy moves in to the forest, only to discover the trees that was already chopped off, and drawn version of it appears, and again, the screen cuts into Poochee saying: "Remember what's on TV is real and you go outside and look at the rest of the world that's what make us believ-", the sentence was abruptly interrupted by a picture ::of a distorted face with bloodshot eyes smiling, along with a short, distorted sound which is used from the jumpscare part of the first episode.
  • Episode #6 - The video normally starts with the title card again, but then again, the episode's title card was blurred out, but expect the: "Message from the" part, the viewer can see the word being blurred out in .01 second, which is stated: "Gangadiddle", despite that, the episode depicts a kitten next to Poochee and Pansy, the scroll appears in-front of them, then suddenly, a figure with red eyes and small green spikes running down his back. He has two metallic claws and has enhanced mechanical limbs (possibly the "Gangadiddle" himself.), then a loads of disturbing imagery appears.


  • Special Announcement - The video starts with a dolst family logo, then it cuts to Poochee, Pansy and The Witch, Poochee speaks to the viewer: "we're from Poochee and pansy were here to remind you that sometimes you see scary things on TV but remember what's on TV is what's make you believe *interrupted by glitches* when you go outside and look at rest of the world that's real", however, after a short second, the video started to turn into a dark, red version of the world and the character as well, and the audio was edited into reversed and made into distorted, and again, a loads of disturbing image and footage appears, the last footage was a man walking into somewhat an hospital, as soon as he reaches the door, the word: "all dead" flashes for a second.

The Sequel

The channel announces that the sequel: "Poochee and Pansy 2" at approximately 3:30 am, however, it is revealed that it was some hacker using the alias: "The Technician", They uploaded a fraudulent video that falsely claimed, the video was immediately deleted by the creator, upon regaining access to the channel, and quickly apologize to the viewer by uploaded this particular video.


  • Poochee - is a light brown puppy with black eyes, a short tail, and long ears. He's appeared in every episode to date
  • Pansy - Pansy is a light grey puppy with folded ears, shiny black eyes, a black nose, a short tail, and a pink bow on her head, she appears in every episode just like Poochee.
  • The Kitten - The Kitten is an orange cat with pointy ears, a pink nose, whiskers, bright yellow eyes, and a long skinny tail. He was captured by the Witch prior to the events of episode 1 and sent a message to Poochee and Pansy through their dreams, since being saved by the two puppies, the Kitten became friends with them


  • The Witch - is an old pale green-skinned lady with one (used to be two) bloodshot eyes and one black bleeding eye with a red pupil. She has black hair with white streaks on it. She has a purple robe on with black triangles on the bottom. She also is sometimes seen wearing a purple witch/wizard hat. She's appeared in many episodes, but not all of them
  • The Huntmaster - The Huntmaster is a man wearing a black hoodie (blue in animation), and a white, featureless mask obscuring his face, as well as gloves matching his hoodie. he appears when the disturbing images come, or at the start
  • Narrator - As the name implies, narrates the beginning and end of every episode of the show. Not much else is known about him as of now, the narrator only appears in the first episode.


  • The series was apparently not created or aired by Dolst.
  • The Episode's title card in the sixth episode, the text was blurred out expect the: "Message from the" part, the viewer can immediately pause at the right time before the text was blurred out, the text was revealed to be: "Ganggadiddle", the word itself leads to a YouTube channel called: "Nathan Israel".
  • The recent video has a link to the official Dreamaxion site.


  1. youtube.com/watch?v=FaCoQ25JIXs - ScareTheater analysis.


NOTE: the following videos contain screamers and flashing lights!

  • youtube.com/watch?v=P4yrKDNVnJg
  • Second Episode: youtube.com/watch?v=n9_LlmW6WMc
  • Third Episode: youtube.com/watch?v=4NoAxZd3ekM
  • Fourth Episode: youtube.com/watch?v=MEAeFgvCEkE
  • Fifth Episode: youtube.com/watch?v=AbxTAyI0NB4
  • Sixth Episode: youtube.com/watch?v=NVv9ZFt0Mig
  • Seventh Episode: youtube.com/watch?v=il4DGJxZRv4


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I think panzy was probably right in episode 2

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Can you show the "ALL DEAD" image?


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why do i imagine a animation of i see a dreamer by cg5 (https://www....=SXJGTnVfJic for song) with poochee and pansy with the skull from episode one as the background?
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