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Reader discretion is advised.

Tubgirl is a shock image that was uploaded on Unknown website, and the creator as well remains Unknown.

The image depicts a naked woman lying on the bathtub with a fountain of yellowish-orange liquid gushing from her raised buttocks onto her face, there is another image which shows another view of her, but this time, she's shitting an explosive yellowish-orange liquid everywhere, which was named TubGirl 2 and also she is Blindfolded in this pic, the picture has so many mirrors such as tubgirl.me and tubgirl.fr, it can also be used as a bait and switch, in which the user clicks on the misleading domain or a link, they will be redirected to a shock image.

Spread[edit | edit source]

On February 15th, 2002, the domain TubGirl.com was registered. On August 1st, 2005, Urban Dictionary user Mike Oxlong submitted an entry for “tubgirl,” which describes the photo in detail. On October 18th, 2007, the tub girl image was featured on the frontpage of Kotaku as part of a prank by Gizmodo editor Brian Lam. That day, Kotaku issued an apology to readers who had seen the image. On December 11th, YouTuber Kat uploaded footage of herself mimicking the tubgirl pose on the floor of a dressing room. Within nine years, the video gained over 1.7 million views.

On April 16th, 2011, YouTuber Billy Nunez uploaded audio of comedian Patrice O’Neal’s appearance on The Black Phillip Show, during which he discusses tubgirl as well as other shock sites. On January 9th, 2016, YouTuber PewDiePie posted a video titled “Things You Should Never Google (Warning Gross) #2”, in which he views the tubgirl image along with other shock media. Within three months, the video gained over 5.3 million views and 32,000 comments.

Tubboy[edit | edit source]

There is a parody of this site called Tubboy.net, which contains two images. The first image shows a nude man lying inside a bathtub filled with brown water, with his legs in the air and orange liquid gushing from his anus. The second image shows the text "tubboy.net" written in black marker on the man's right buttock. At the bottom of the website, there is a line of text saying "Inspired by the original TubGirl.".

Link[edit | edit source]

NOTE: The following shock site contains graphic images.

  • tubgirl.com
  • tubgirl.fr
  • web.archive.org/web/20090826223936/tubgirl.me/
  • shockchan.com/tubgirl/
  • fuzzybunnies.ytmnd.com

Comments[edit | edit source]

Anonymous #1

4 months ago
Score 0++
i always used to think HOT TUB GIRL lmao

Anonymous #2

4 months ago
Score 1++
Is this woman still alive?

Anonymous #3

4 months ago
Score 1++
dont worry its just a little enema fluid..

Anonymous #4

4 months ago
Score 0++
Despite the content of this mess, im feeling strangely nostalgic about it

Anonymous #5

4 months ago
Score 1++
would this be Japan? i would not be surprised if it is
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