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This article contains content that some may find shocking.‎
Reader discretion is advised.

Chomp.avi, also known as Do Not Watch, was a shock video that first surfaced on the shock site Bloodshows. The video features some shocking and confronting material, and the original site was taken down along with this video. The Mediafire link to the original video was taken down for violating Mediafire's guidelines. The LOLShock and Shockchan mirrors of this video are named Do Not Watch.


The video starts with footage (which refer to have been recorded around 2007 or 2008), of two men, one of whom is transgender, doing a series of sexual acts involving body fluids in a bathroom with sex toys in it. The man is seen crying in a bathtub while masturbating with feces all over him and wearing a royal masquerade mask. The LOLShock version plays Burzum - Rundgang Um Die Tranzendentale Saule Der Singularitat

The video cuts to footage of the man consuming all the watery feces and diarrhea coming out from the transgender man's anus. The transgender man is sitting on a stool with a hole in the middle. The transgender man calls the man a pig and tells him that people envy his place and that he wants to see him eat all of it. He appears to be very disgusted by diarrhea and feces and even flinches most of the time as he struggles to eat all of it.

The man rubs the feces all over his body while complaining about how disgusting it is and grunting. He then gets back into his position and gargles the transgender man's urine and drinks it in the bathtub, then continues to eat more of his feces. At one point, he stands up and puts some feces in his anus and poops it back out while moaning "I'm having a baby!". The video cuts to the man lying in the bathtub again and masturbating while covered in feces, but in better lighting.

The video finally ends with a windows movie maker text asking if the viewer has "completed the challenge" as the creepy sound effect-like music fades away. It then shows in the credits that the "music" was created by "Brain Music".


  • The man in the video, Patrick Guzzler, lives in retirement in Palm Springs, California, and was born in Michigan. [citation needed]
  • There was a Creepypasta based around this video titled, "Chomp: The Story of the Most Disgusting video on the internet", which has been deleted.


NOTE: The following video contains graphic content!

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