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The following article contains content that some may find shocking.
Reader discretion is advised.

Chomp.avi, also known as Do Not Watch, was a shock video that first surfaced on the shock site Bloodshows. The video features some shocking and confronting material, and the original site was taken down along with this video. The Mediafire link to the original video was taken down for violating Mediafire's guidelines. The LOLShock and Shockchan mirrors of this video are named "Do Not Watch".


There are currently three known versions of the video, each of which has some major differences. These versions are the Bloodshows version #1, the Bloodshows version #2, and the Do Not Watch version.

Do Not Watch version

This version of the video (which is supposedly from June 2011) begins with a disclaimer reading "WARNING: Extreme Enema Expulsions" before presenting a challenge to the viewer. The challenge describes watching the whole video without moving a muscle and recording the results. There is then a scrolling text that says "5 seconds" before fading into the video. The actual footage (presumed to have been filmed around 2007 or 2008), starts with a shot of a man crying/laughing while lying down in a bathtub while masturbating with feces all over him. The bathtub has several sex toys lying on it. The man then coughs up some feces and brings his hands behind his head.

The video then cuts to footage of the man wearing goggles over a metal mask consuming watery feces and diarrhea coming out from the transgender man's anus. The transgender man is sitting on a stool with a hole in the middle. The transgender man calls the man a "pig" and tells him that people envy his place and that he wants to see him eat all of it. The man-eating the feces appears to be very mentally unwell, as he grunts, laughs, and yells while eating the feces. There are a few points where the man flinches and appears to say "muddy". Most of the footage is repeated and slowed down several times for dramatic effect.

The video then cuts to the man sitting up in the bathtub with the metal mask on his face. He rubs feces all over his body while complaining about how "disgusting" it is and grunting while calling himself a "piggy". The video cuts back to the man laying down while he gargles the transgender man's urine and drinks it in the bathtub, then continues to eat more of his feces. The lighting is noticeably poor and the bathtub is cleaner, suggesting that this portion of the video is supposed to be the beginning of the video.

At one point, the man stands up, picks up some feces, and shows it to the camera while smiling and yelling "Yeah baby!". He then shoves the feces in his anus and poops it out while loudly grunting. The video cuts back to the man lying in the bathtub again while the transgender man spews out pure liquid diarrhea. This footage is repeated and slowed down, like a lot of the other footage. The final shot shows the man with the goggles on, eating more feces again before finally fading to the end scene.

The video ends with a Windows Movie Maker text asking if the viewer has "completed the challenge" as the creepy sound effect-like music fades away with a still shot of feces near the bathtub drain. It then shows in the credits that the "music" was created by "Brain Music".


It is not clear who the people are in the video, or where the video came from. There has been debate and search all over to find the people involved in the video.

One rumor is that the actor is a man named "Pat Guzzler" or "Patrick Guzzler" who is retired and lives in Palm Springs, California. This is due to his profile containing the clip as well as other pornographic videos he starred in. This is not confirmed as he has not used his social media profiles since 2018.


  • There was a Creepypasta based around this video titled, "Chomp: The Story of the Most Disgusting video on the internet", which has been deleted.


NOTE: The following video contains graphic content!

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