Blue's Clues: If you are mad

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Blue's Clues: If you are mad is a screamer project created with Scratch by natka20192020 (also known as Uncle Gabby on this wiki.)

The animation begins off with blue text saying, "Blue's Clues: If you are mad". After a few seconds, it cuts to Blue from the 1996 Nick Jr. show "Blue's Clues" on a gray rock with the text saying, "Take a lay down and forget your worries.", then it cuts to Blue on a street with the text saying, "Or take a stroll down the street.", but after that, it cuts to a green Roblox man, wearing a blue shirt with a bird on his shoulder appears along with a loud scream, which was taken off Liquid Generation. Then it shows a blue background with white text on a font saying, "SABOTAGED!!!!!!!!!" along with the sped up Liquid Generation sabotage jingle playing in the background.



NOTE: The following animation contains a screamer!

  • SB3 File:


  • This screamer was heavily inspired by Jigglykia, along with Jigglykia being inspired by Kikia.



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