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Here you can all the best scary games, share them with your friends and family, and have a blast! New 2022 versions!

PlayScaryMazeGame.net is a website created in 2012. The site hosts multiple flash game screamers, most of which are related to The Maze. Some other screamers are hosted on the site, which are made by different creators. The bottom of the webpage also tells the viewer to share the games with their friends.

List of Games

The Original Scary Maze Game

Main Article: The Maze

The Maze, also known as the Scary Maze Game was a Flash game created in October 2004 by game developer Jeremy Winterrowd.

This Flash prank disguises itself as a simple maze game in which the player has to utilize their mouse cursor to move a blue little dot through the maze. At the start screen, there is a note informing the player that the objective of the game is to pass through all 4 levels, and the player cannot touch the walls; however, there are only three levels in the game. The game also explains that it is best with the volume on, but, there is no sound in any part of the game.

The first two levels are easy to complete. But as the third level is reached, the walls begin to shrink and have sharp turns, making it difficult to avoid touching them. This usually makes the player concentrate on the screen. Then, near the first curve to the left of the maze sharp part (The game also knows if the player is cheating; if they use right-click), an image of Regan MacNeil in her possessed state from the 1973 supernatural horror film The Exorcist pops up along with a loud, distorted scream that plays twice, scaring the player.

Maze Game 2

Main Article: Maze Game 2

Maze Game 2 is an HTML5 browser game based on The Maze itself, created by playscarymazegame.net in 2014. The game is also playable on mobile devices.

The rules instruct the player to beat all five levels in order to receive a special "bonus level." However, the game only has three levels, the last of which surprises the player with a screamer. However, just before the player reaches its goal, a picture of Sarah from The Exorcist zooms in with a loud female scream; in an earlier version, it had the same screamer audio taken from The Maze, but it was later removed and replaced with this one.

Maze Game 3

Main Article: Maze Game 3

Maze Game 3 or "Scary Maze Game 3", is an HTML5 browser screamer game, based on The Maze, developed by playscarymazegame.net. The game was released in 2007.

The goal of the game is to navigate a mouse all the way to the end of all "five" levels. The main menu has options to either play the game, or view instructions. The first two levels have various zigzags. The third level has a spiral. The fourth level has another zigzag, but near the end of the level, a zooming in and out image of Regan MacNeil with no eyes along with an extremely loud scream. The game then asks the player to prank their friends.

Maze Game 4

Main Article: Maze Game 4

Maze Game 4 formerly Scariest Maze Game is a screamer game that has similarities with The Maze and was hosted on jellyscape.co.uk. This game is also a sequel to Scariest Maze Game 2.

The player's goal is to control a blue square with the use of a cursor to complete all 5 levels, there is a chance that they may get a picture of a zombie whenever they complete one of them. The final level tricks the player into thinking they are timed, if the player doesn't reach the end, nothing happens and the text changes to: "Nah, I'm Just Kidding". When the player completes the fifth (final) level, a typing text animation appears congratulating the player near the end.

However, about three-quarters of the way through the sentence before it finishes, the following terrifying images will appear into a photomontage: a woman with a part of her face torn off (horror makeup), a balloon from Ronald McDonald, a red man's face in darkness, a photoshopped hand with a screaming mouth, and an ugly light blue face, along with a screaming sound used in the game. The game also knows if the player is cheating; if using the right-click function, they will be automatically taken to the Game Over screen.

Maze Game 5

Main Article: Maze Game 5

Maze Game 5 is a screamer game that shares some similarities to its original game: The Maze.

The player must maneuver through the maze without touching the walls, as in any other maze game. The game has only four levels, the last of which is a screamer, showing a flashing negative image of the What's Wrong? face along with a short looped scream. The game stays in this section indefinitely until the player closes the game.

Maze Game 6

Main Article: Maze Game 6

Not to be confused with Scary Maze Game 6 by 666gamer.com.

Maze Game 6 is a game like The Maze made by playscarymazegame.net in 2013.

The goal of the game is to avoid colliding with the walls; otherwise, colliding with the walls results in Game Over. The start menu gives the player two options to play the game or read the instructuons. Before reaching the end of Level 4, an image of Sarah from The Exorcist with a scream from The Maze appears, similar to the Maze Game 2.

Maze Game 7

Main Article: Maze Game 7

Maze Game 7 is a screamer game created by playscarymazegame.net for their maze game series, the player cannot cheat by clicking or dragging to skip the levels.

Unlike other maze games, this one has different designs and paths, as well as added enemies such as Goomba and others. The player must maneuver around the path without touching the walls. The game claims to have five levels and a bonus level (which is the screamer itself). However, the game only has four levels in which the player must navigate through the shapes of a star, a mushroom, and a clownfish.

In the fourth and final level, the player takes control of Pac-Man and must avoid three ghosts while attempting to reach the goal. Sarah from The Exorcist appears just before the player reaches the end of the level, along with the same scream from The Maze.

Maze Game 8

Main Article: Maze Game 8

Maze Game 8 also known as "Scary Maze Game 8", is a screamer game created by playscarymaze.net in 2013.

The game begins with the main menu, which includes instructions. The instructions simply instruct the player to use the mouse pointer to direct a soldier to collect dots and reach the goal. When the game is started, it begins as a simple maze game, though it gets difficult in the end. When the player finishes it, a rainbow background appears right before a picture of a man with an open tongue zooms in with the same scream from The Maze.

It is also impossible for the player to cheat, as all cheat functions do not work and takes the player to the Game Over screen.

Maze Game 9

Main Article: Maze Game 9

Maze Game 9 or also known as Maze Game 9: Under the Sea: is a screamer game created by playscarymazegame.net in 2014.

The game provides an instruction that asks the player to collect the dots in the path and reach the goal. If the player beats all of the levels, they are awarded a "Bonus level", which is actually the screamer itself. Tthe gameplay is to navigate a dot through all the way through 4 levels. There are dots in the path, and collecting them does nothing.

The last 2 levels contain red urchins, a drumbeat music also plays throughout the gameplay (including the jumpscare part). However, before reaching the goal of level 4, a blue-filtered picture of a girl with no eyes in a bathtub appears and zooms in, along with a loud screech, which was later used in Maze Game 10.

Unlike most Maze Games, this one is underwater-themed.

Maze Game 10

Main Article: Maze Game 10

Maze Game 10 is a flash game created by Playscarymazegame.net in 2011. It is based on the original Scary Maze Game itself.

The objective of the game is to guide a monkey to collect his bananas with the use of the cursor without touching the walls, which leads back to its menu screen. The final level contains a ghost from the arcade game called: Pacman. However. Just before reaching to the goal, the same face from What's Wrong? appears with a loud screech, zooming in and out while the music plays in the background.

Halloween Maze

Main Article: Halloween Maze

Halloween Maze also known as Halloween Maze Game or Scary Maze Halloween is a flash screamer game created by playscarymazegame.net as a celebration to Halloween. The game comes with a Halloween theme and spooky music plays in the background silently. The recent version of this game is 2017.

The game has the player control a .png of a Halloween character with the use of their cursor. The instructions inform them to not hit the walls while reaching to the end of all 5 levels. Touching the walls lead to the Game over screen.

However, there are only 3 levels in total. Trying to reach the end of the final level will bring up a picture of a woman dressed as a zombie zooming in and out along with the same scream from Maze Game 2. Lastly, the game prompts the player to send this game to their friends.

Maze Game DX

Main Article: Maze Game DX

Maze Game DX is a flash game that takes its inspiration from The Maze. It was originally uploaded to Razoric.com, a now-defunct website. The new version of this game is v1.6. The game also knows if the player is cheating. Doing so will tell the player not to cheat and that they must try again.

The objective of the game is to navigate a red square through the maze to reach the goal on all three levels. However, before reaching the end of the third level, an animated image of Bloody Mary's face zooms in along with a loud, female scream. The casual version of this game has 4 levels. There is a chance that the player may randomly get an image of a demonic skeleton appears along with a low-pitched roar, or the same animated screamer of Bloody Mary.

Scary Differences

Main Article: Scary Differences

Scary Differences is a flash game created by playscarymazegame.net on 2014.

It is a game in which a player compares both images and attempts to identify all five differences within the time limit. The final set of images are identical, forcing the player to search for the differences closer to the device screen. When the time progress bar reaches the halfway point, a zooming in and out image of the What's Wrong? screamer appears, accompanied by a high-pitched scream.

Scary Differences 2

Main Article: Scary Differences 2

Scary Differences 2 is a flash game created by playscarymazegame.net in 2013. It is a sequel to the first Scary Differences game.

The concept of the game is to compare both images and attempt to identify all the differences within the time limit. The final set of images are identical, forcing the player to look closely. When the progress bar reaches the halfway point, a zooming in and out image of the Scary Racing Game screamer appears, accompanied by a loud screech. Lastly, the game tells the player to send the game to their friends.

Find the 3 Differences

Main Article: Find the 3 Differences

Find the 3 Differences is a screamer flash game made by playscarymaze.net. This game is very similar to Zoeken, but remains a little bit different.

In the game, the player has to find the differences between two pictures of a house that is identical. After some few seconds before the time runs out, a zooming in and out picture of Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist appears along with scream used in Maze Game 2.

Bubble Wrap Maniac

Main Article: Bubble Wrap Maniac

Bubble Wrap Maniac was a Flash game created by developer Jeremy Winterrowd in 2006. An alternative version was added to Playscarymazegame.net.

Instead of popping bubble wrap in real life, you can now do it on your computer, just without the actual fun. As mentioned earlier, the player only plays the game by popping virtual bubble wrap; after exactly 25 seconds, Sarah, from Exorcist: The Beginning, appears and punches the screen, followed by the picture of Regan MacNeil From The Exorcist, along with the same scream used in The Maze and many other games from winterrowd.

There is an alternative version on Playscarymazegame.net titled: "Scary Bubble Wrap". The difference is that the face is replaced with a picture of a scary girl with no eyes in a bathtub along with the same scream from the original game.

Scary Racing Game

Main Article: Scary Racing Game

Scary Racing Game is a screamer flash game made by playscarymaze.net in 2013. It looks and plays like a normal 2D racing flash game, where the player controls a yellow car on tracks, as seen in the game.

The game has a simple drum beat music plays throughout the gameplay, and uses the arrow keys to drive, reverse, and turn. The gameplay consists of four levels, the last of which contains the screamer. They are very simple - the only increases in difficulty across the levels involve the road getting narrower, and there's a higher amount of sharp turns. On level four, as soon as the player gets to the top of the screen, near the "LEVEL 4", an image of a mummy with its skull uncovered appears, quickly zooming in and out with the same scream used in The Maze.

Scary Needle Game

Main Article: Scary Needle Game

Shakey MacGee's Needle Threading Challenge or also known as "Scary Needle Game" is a flash screamer game that is disguised as a simple needle-threading game. Before the game begins, the player is asked to pick the needle and thread's size and thickness, but it doesn't affect the game whatsoever.

The player controls a trembling hand that is holding a thread and needle, and the goal is to guide them to the hole to thread it. The first level has no obstacles, the second level consists of balloons and the third level has bubbles.

After completing the third level, a picture of a girl with a blood-covered mouth appears with a loud scream as Pazuzu's face fades over it; the game then starts over. Due to a coding error in the game, when the buttons at the start are clicked or the balloons are hit, Pazuzu's face flashes.

Zoeken/Scary Puzzle Game

Main Article: Zoeken

Zoeken or also known as Zoek Het Verschil or Find The 3 Differences was a screamer animation created by Frits and Stefan Vos in 2004, with a similar concept to What's Wrong?.

The animation begins with two identical images of a river and some hills from Norwegian Fjords. The player is told to find all 3 differences. After 15 seconds, a picture of Amy Peterson from the 1985 horror film Fright Night zooms in and out, accompanied with the loud roar from Steady Hand, it then displays some credits with Spongebob Squarepants Laughing from the Nickelodeon animated television series of the same name, with the email above their names: "f.vos6@chello.nl".

This game is also featured on Playscarymazegame.net with the title: Scary Puzzle Game. There are also English and Chinese versions of this screamer and both can be found on eddy.com.cn.

Scary Flappy Bird

Main Article: Scary Flappy Bird

Scary Flappy Bird is a screamer game made by Playscarymazegame.net on 2013 or 2014.

The game shares some points with the original Flappy Bird, in which the player controls a bird (which is actually a toucan), which moves persistently to the right, and the player has to navigate the bird through the pairs of pipes. Touching them will result in a game over screen and the player has to start over. The bird automatically descends and only ascends when the player clicks the screen. In the game over screen, there is a star, which can be unlocked if the player reaches a higher score.

However, when the player reaches 7 points, an image of Regan MacNeil with no eyes pops up, along with the same scream from Maze Game 2, before heading back to the main menu.

Save Justin Bieber

Main Article: Save Justin Bieber

Save Justin Bieber was a flash game made by Jeremy Winterrowd. This game is a parody of Winterrowd's most popular flash game The Maze and is aimed towards Justin Bieber fans.

As stated, the game is supposed to be a parody of Winterrowd's The Maze game, with a few differences added to the game: with the path and the main menu colored in light purple instead of turquoise, the goal is a .png image of Justin Bieber's face, different objectives such as telling the user to make their way through the crowd to help Justin Bieber, as well as falsely advising them to turn up the volume to hear his popular song: "Baby" in the background.

In the last part, the screamer segment is an inverted picture Justin's face instead of Regan MacNeil along with the same scream from the original game, However, the song: "Baby" actually plays in the background as followed but with earrape.


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