Halloween Safety Tips with Jack O. Lantern

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Halloween Safety Tips with Jack O. Lantern is a screamer video uploaded to YouTube made by Liquid Generation.

The video begins with a door opening to reveal a Jack o Lantern. He is saying he's going to give kids and parents some important Halloween safety tips. First, he explains that you have to have colorful reflective parts on your costume so people can see you in the dark, in which golden strips appear on his body. Then he explains that you have to go out with as many of your scary Halloween buddies as possible and says he likes to go out with his parents, in which his parents arrive.

Finally, he explains not to eat any unwrapped candy from strangers and have your parents inspect them before you eat them, in which he pulls out a candy and his mom unwraps it. Then he eats it and screams into the camera as his mouth gargles and orange blood and pumpkin insides squirt out of his face. His parents watch in shock as he disintegrates.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

  • youtube.com/watch?v=caWAhbhLxYo



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