Dress Up the Snowman

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This page is about a screamer of which the original copy was deleted.
Dress Up the Snowman
Watch Him Dance!
Maker: Liquid Generation
Type: Flash game
Release date: December 2004

Dress Up The Snowman is a flash screamer game made by Liquid Generation in 2004, in which the player gets to dress up a snowman. This is one of Liquid Generation's many Sabotages.

When starting the game, will show the loading screen and the main menu is displayed showing a game title designed to be a Christmas theme which appears to be colored green and red and a play button on the bottom right corner, after clicking that button, The player has to choose hats, clothes, or dress in the item slot to dress up the snowman by drag-and-drop the clothes onto him.

When the player is done, there is a Watch Him Dance button. However, when the player clicks on it, a skeleton jumps out of the snowman and screams the word die three times, after the screamer ends, it starts showing a text saying "You have been sabotaged!" The screamer was taken down along with the entire Liquid Generation website.

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NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

  • web.archive.org/web/20160407014342/liquidgeneration.com/Dress-Up-The-Snowman

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