Origami Fortune Teller

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This page is about a screamer or shock site of which the original copy was deleted.

Origami Fortune Teller was a flash screamer created by Liquid Generation in early 2003 and is one of the many "Sabotage" screamer animations they made.

The player is shown with the origami paper on a school desk which also has a pencil and the writing John + Annie on it. After clicking play, they were told to pick a number, with the options being the numbers 3 to 6. After choosing, The player is told to pick one of the following colors: red, orange, green, and purple.

After making a choice, The player is briefly informed to choose one of the colors to get your fortune, But just before you can, a picture of an evil clown appears with a loud laugh. After, the Liquid Generation logo and ninja appear like normal.


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

  • Showcase video: youtube.com/watch?v=tHW_XFkAu_0



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