Skin Cancer Test

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This page is about a screamer of which the original copy was deleted.
Skin Cnacer Test
Maker: Liquid Generatoion
Type: Flash game
Release date: 2004

Skin Cancer Test was a Sabotage screamer created and hosted by Liquid Generation, After a long closure, the entire site of Liquid Generation shuts down.

The game challenges the player if they are at the risk of skin cancer, but if the test didn't go well, they need to contact the doctor immediately, there is a button on the bottom right corner which starts the gameplay, now, the first test begins, the player must type their age, and their gender, whether you are male or female, the second test is the player must select their skin type,

However, After the question with the moles they show a human body where it asks you to choose where you have moles. However, choosing any body part causes Freddy Kreuger from the movie Nightmare on Elm Street pops up with a scream.


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

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