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Spot the differences challenge! is a screamer YouTube video created by Melkey's Fish and Chips on July 9th 2023. The video hides itself as a typical "spot the differences" game, where the viewer has to spot any odds between two photographs of a old cottage. A 23-second timer is displayed above, slowly counting until it stops the game. After this, the video displays a message for the viewer that says "Did you spot the differences? If not, let us circle the odds for you!". Around 1:04 without warning, a fast and furious slideshow of around 35 well known and lesser known screamer images interrupt the video, with a distorted SCP-450 scream playing.

All of these include:

After the crossover of screamers ends, a wicked witch laughing track is played, with the text saying "Those were the differences! Hope you learned your lesson buttface!" and then later says "Now go upstairs and change yor forking dirte'y pants bruv!" in a seemly Scottish or British style.


NOTE: The following video contains multiple screamers!

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