Can Your Pet?

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Can Your Pet? is a flash game created by Korean Indie game developer GameAde, simply as the shock flash game at least in 2010.

The game is about a young chicken which the player has the option to feed, shower, play with, and exercise the chicken. If the player selects the exercise button, the game shows a bicycle that turns around and turns into a shredder. Then, the player sees their chicken being shredded. After that, the player hears the song "Chicken Talk" by Richie Kavanagh while the player sees lots of (canned) chicken while the player see pieces of their dead pet falling down. Then, the words: "CAN your pet" shows up with the player's canned pet: the player can still see the chick's hairdo on the can. When the player refreshes the page or if the player returns to the title screen, the title screen changes to a gorier version of the original. But the player can change it to the original by pressing restart.

Unlike some other screamers, this is a little more light compared to straight screamer games like The Maze and such.


NOTE: The following game contains graphic content!




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