Can Your Pet?

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Can Your Pet?
The Start Menu
Maker: GameAde
Type: Flash Game
Release date: 2010

Can Your Pet? is a flash game created by Korean Indie game developer GameAde, simply as the shock flash game at least in 2010.


The Game is basically like in every Talking Pet games, the player has given an objective to grow the (chick) by selecting options beneath, whether you can feed, exercise, play or customize the chicken by dragging (clothes, hats, and hairstyle) into them, the player can only select these options individually, in the final option, it shows a bicycle, it tricks the player thinking the chicken was going to play with the bike, upon clicking it, the bike turns upside down, and change to a shredder, brutally killing the chicken, and falls down into the can, and ended it with the credits slowly coming up on the screen along with the can, going down slowly, exclaiming the player, and shows the word "Can Your Pet" which reveals that the game is about canning your pet, when the player refreshes the page, will lead back to the title screen, but altered to a gorier version of the original, the player can change it by pressing restart.


NOTE: The following game contains graphic content!



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