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Max and Ruby 0004 is a popular Creepypasta based on an unused, and cursed episode of the American-Canadian animated children's TV series, Max and Ruby 0004 created by PiggyPoe in 2013, but popularized when Devin Millar had created 2 visual versions of it throughout the years under his I'm So Sorry Please Forgive Me.mp4 and SeeLight4Guy aliases, who went on into making the pasta and eventually even a video of that too, which was heavily inspired by this pasta. This also paved the way for a lot of material Devin had made as well under the horror community.

The pasta itself starts out with the narrator buying a Max and Ruby DVD from online to give to their child for Christmas Day, and by the time it comes in the mail, it is greasy and depicted a poorly drawn version of Max and Ruby with empty black eyes. Once Christmas comes and the narrator and their kid watch it, it depicts disturbing imagery of Max and Ruby's parent's being murdered, them standing alone in darkness with black eyes and a red filter.

Things happen like Max committing suicide by noose with screaming, yelling, loud sounds, as well as other scary imagery. (Such as their eyes being black, heavy static and video glitching, constant dark rooms, environment and feel, red color scheme, etc.), along with the narrator's kid being scarred for life by it, as well as the narrator themselves.

The updated version was released in 2020 on SeeLight4Guy. The same channel Devin released the original one under.

There are 2 versions of the visual depictions of it created by Devin Millar, under his I'm So Sorry Please Forgive Me.mp4, and his side channel, SeeLight4Guy. The first one was released by him in 2014 under SeeLight4Guy, and the other version was released in 2020 on the same channel, as well as on Finder Lurker, and I'm So Sorry Please Forgive Me.mp4.


NOTE: The following videos contain screamers!

  • Original Version:
  • First Version:
  • Second Version:



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