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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

Legal Note
Please do not provide any links to this screamer/shock site since it is illegal to distribute in the vast majority of countries.
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Zippocat was a shock video published on July 22, 2005 to that later became an internet meme. The video features a small gray kitten named Sonny being pet and held upside-down by a German/Belgian man, who proceeds to set the cat on fire with a zippo lighter and burn it alive while continuing to record. The 4-minute and 12-second video was uploaded to, but was promptly removed. Although the video was believed to have been lost after Early 2014[1], until 2022 when a Screamer Wiki user found a video download depicting of the same content used in the video on, but chose not to share it publicly due to its illegality.


A YTMND page titled "Zippo cat" was created on June 8, 2007, displaying 15 still frames from the original video of a cat being lit on fire. The page's text reads "No, it's not alright ki", "No chapstick for you!", and it plays E1M1 (At Doom's Gate) in the background. It appears that the page was created by an individual with a peculiar sense of humor. Many users rated the page 5 stars, but some users found it disturbing. In the comments, a user named "Spotz" claimed to have given it a 5-star rating due to the music, to which another user named "Gecko" replied with "Nothing justifies 5'ing burning kittens. Not even Doom music." The last four words of Gecko's reply became an internet meme.

Creator's arrest

Thumbnail of the Zippocat video from

The administrators of the website tracked down the video's uploader and the actual killer of the cat, which took them only two days. The uploader was a 15-year-old Belgian male and the actual killer was a 26-year-old Belgian male named Kishor Nokayonokatsu. Both men were eventually arrested.[2]


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