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Creepypasta is a genre of horror-related legends, stories, or images that are circulated online via various platforms such as forums, blogs, and social media. These stories usually revolve around supernatural occurrences, urban legends, and tales of terror. Creepypasta stories are commonly written anonymously and are often presented as true accounts. These tales are typically short and designed for easy sharing across the internet. Creepypasta characters are frequently used as a subject matter for screamers. Due to the popularity and recognition of creepypasta stories in the horror community, they are commonly used as a source of content for screamers.


The term "creepypasta" is a portmanteau of "creepy" and "copypasta." "Creepy" refers to the genre's focus on horror and fear, while "copypasta" is a term used to describe a block of text that has been copied and pasted repeatedly across the internet. The term "copypasta" originated from the online practice of copying and pasting text into message boards, forums, and chat rooms. The term "creepypasta" emerged from this practice as a way to describe horror stories that were copied and pasted repeatedly across the internet.


Creepypasta incidents are a type of online urban legend or folklore that describes fictional accounts of alleged events, usually involving horror, mystery, or supernatural elements. These incidents may take various forms such as written stories, images, videos, or audio recordings and are presented as if they are true accounts. Some of these stories may include graphic elements such as gore, violence, or psychological horror, while others may focus on paranormal activity or unexplained phenomena. While some creepypasta incidents are entirely fictional, others may be inspired by real-life events or urban legends, and some may be based on exaggerated or fictionalized versions of real events. These stories are often written anonymously, and their origins are often difficult to trace.

NNN Special Broadcast

Main Article: NNN Special Broadcast
A screencap from the urban legend, showing the text "NNN臨時放送" over a junkyard background.

The "NNN Special Broadcast" is a well-known urban legend that originated in Japan, and has gained popularity worldwide. The legend revolves around a mysterious video that appears after each late-night transmission on the NNN news network. According to the legend, the video displays a list of names accompanied by creepy music and a dark atmosphere. At the end of the broadcast, the message "These will be the tomorrow victims. Good night." is displayed The legend has three variations, each with its own unique twist. The first variation involves a video that displays a person's name and cannot be switched off, leaving the viewer in a state of fear and uncertainty. The second variation is more personalized, with the viewer's name appearing at the end of the list, indicating their imminent death. The third variation features a monotonous voice reciting the list of names, followed by an eye watching the viewer for five minutes.[1][2]

NES Godzilla Creepypasta

NES Godzilla Creepypasta is a horror story that centers around an alleged cursed video game. The tale is about a video game enthusiast who purchases a copy of a Godzilla game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. However, after playing the game, the player begins to experience bizarre and unsettling occurrences, including distorted graphics, glitched-out gameplay, and even surreal and macabre scenes. The NES Godzilla Creepypasta was first published on the Creepypasta Wiki in 2011 by a user named Cosbydaf.[3]

According to the story, the alleged rogue game developer who created the cursed game had a history of producing bootleg games. As the protagonist progresses through the levels of the game, they begin to notice increasingly strange glitches and anomalies. These include distorted graphics, characters behaving in unusual ways, and even instances where the game appears to be self-aware and is mocking the protagonist. As the game continues, it becomes more and more unsettling, with progressively bizarre and terrifying occurrences. As the plot of the NES Godzilla Creepypasta unfolds, the protagonist is haunted by increasingly bizarre and unsettling occurrences that seem to extend beyond the confines of the game. The protagonist hears Godzilla's roar coming from outside their window and finds that the game has somehow infected their computer, taking over their life. As the game's hold on the protagonist intensifies, they question their own sanity and begin to wonder if they are imagining everything or if they have been cursed by the game. In the climax of the story, the protagonist confronts the game's creator, who reveals that he had created the game as a means of unleashing a powerful curse on anyone who played it. The protagonist is then forced to play the game to the end, unleashing a terrifying, Lovecraftian monster into the real world. The story concludes on a cliffhanger, with the fate of the protagonist and the world left uncertain.

Red Room

See Also: Akai Heya Complete Version

The animated "Red Room" legend involves two friends discussing a rumor about a mysterious internet pop-up ad posing the question "Do you like —?" with fatal consequences upon closure. Despite initial skepticism, one friend investigates, finding no information online. However, the pop-up appears during routine browsing, featuring a voice repeatedly asking "Do you like —?". Despite attempts to close it, the pop-up persists, with the voice becoming distorted until it asks, "Do you like red?" As the character persists, the voice eventually poses the complete question, "Do you like the red room?" Subsequently, a website displaying a list of names appears, and the protagonist senses a presence behind them. The next day, school gossip circulates about two students who purportedly took their lives by painting their rooms red with their own blood. The protagonist's computer screen then displays their name at the bottom of the list before shutting off with an eerie sound. If pop-ups are enabled, a pop-up resembling the story's ad may appear after the video concludes.


Creepypasta characters are fictional entities that possess unique and distinct features such as appearance, behavior, and abilities. These characters are typically depicted as supernatural or paranormal entities with malevolent intent, and their stories often explore themes related to horror, violence, and death. Creepypasta characters may have a wide range of abilities or characteristics, such as superhuman strength, the power of shape-shifting or manipulating reality, or control over specific elements or energies. These characters may also have physical deformities or unusual features, such as elongated limbs or sharp teeth. While some creepypasta characters are based on existing myths, legends, or folklore, others are entirely original creations.

Ahenobarbus Henocied

Main Article: Ahenobarbus Henocied

Ahenobarbus Henocied is the unofficial name of a pale girl with bloodshot eyes and a bloody mouth. Japanese netizens claim that the image began circulating on the internet in mid-2004 when imageboards such as 2ch started to grow even more after the infamous Neomugicha incident occurred. However, it wasn't until 2007 that the image gained recognition when a 2ch anonymous user made a thread requesting that other users try to make the image look "cuter." The thread was filled with edited and over photoshopped versions of the original image, and the image became known as "kawaii" or "cute" among Japanese netizens. The image was also referred to as "kawaiku" meaning "make it cute." Further research into the image revealed that it was originally a doll with unkempt hair and broken arms, which was found through the logs of Futaba Channel.[4]

Smile Dog

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Smile Dog is an internet urban legend that gained popularity in the early 2000s. The legend revolves around a photograph of a dog with an unnaturally wide, human-like smile, which is often depicted as tan or yellowish-brown with black or dark brown eyes and straight ears. According to the legend, the image has a number of psychological effects on those who view it, including nightmares, hallucinations, paranoia, anxiety, and even suicide.[5] Some versions of the legend suggest that the image is so powerful that it can cause physical harm to those who view it. The legend suggests that the dog is a manifestation of an evil entity, and its image has the power to drive people to insanity. The origin of Smile Dog is unclear, as the legend has evolved over time and there are many variations of the story. However, it is generally believed to have originated on the internet in the early 2000s, possibly on image-sharing websites like 4chan or Creepypasta forums. One of the earliest known versions of the legend was posted on the website Creepypasta Wiki in 2008, where it quickly gained popularity and spread to other corners of the internet. The origins of the photograph are also uncertain. Some versions of the legend claim that the image was created as part of a government experiment or by a disturbed artist, while others suggest that it was originally a real photograph of a dog that had been digitally altered to create the creepy smile. However, the oldest known image linked to the story is the one shown above, which was posted on the /x/ (paranormal) forum of the imageboard 4chan in 2008.[6]

That original version of the Smile Dog story on Creepypasta Wiki describes a supposed urban legend about a mysterious image file named "smile.jpg." According to the legend, the image is cursed and has the power to drive those who view it to insanity and even death. The story follows the perspective of a narrator who is contacted by a mysterious stranger named Mary E., who claims to have found the cursed image file and is seeking the narrator's help in spreading the word about its dangers.[7] Mary E. shares her own experiences with the image, describing vivid and terrifying hallucinations that drove her to the brink of madness.[6] As the story progresses, the narrator becomes increasingly obsessed with the image and its supposed powers, eventually viewing it himself and experiencing his own terrifying hallucinations. The story ends with the narrator passing the curse of the image on to another unsuspecting victim, perpetuating the legend and the cycle of fear and madness it creates. The exact origin of Smile Dog is unclear, and there are many variations of the story. According to a Brazilian YouTuber called Pedrocultas, the origin of the creepypasta Smile.jpg is attributed to Michael Lutz. It was first posted on the /x/ (paranormal) forum of the imageboard 4chan in 2008. The oldest known image linked to the story is the one shown above, according to the occult-related blog Aether Paranormal.

Jeff the Killer

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The story of Jeff the Killer is an urban legend that originated on various online platforms, including Creepypasta forums and imageboards, in 2008. The legend revolves around a young boy named Jeff, who is savagely attacked by a group of bullies and left for dead. Following the attack, Jeff undergoes a series of unsuccessful surgeries that leave him permanently disfigured with a permanent grin etched into his face. As a result of the trauma he suffered, Jeff becomes increasingly violent and sadistic,[5] killing animals and eventually targeting humans. The story chronicles Jeff's descent into madness as he stalks and murders his victims, often breaking into their homes and killing them in their sleep. He becomes notorious for his crimes, with law enforcement and the media struggling to apprehend him. The catchphrase "Go to sleep" is often associated with Jeff the Killer, as it is said to be the signature line he utters before killing his victims.[8] While the origin of the legend is not definitively known, it is believed to have emerged from online communities dedicated to horror fiction and urban legends.

The story has its origins in an earlier story created by a DeviantArt user named Sesseur in 2009. In this version, Jeff's face is disfigured after a gallon of acid is accidentally poured onto him while cleaning his bathtub. The image associated with Jeff the Killer, which depicts a pale, white-faced figure with deep-set eyes and a sinister smile, is believed to have been created by Sesseur and first appeared on DeviantArt or Newgrounds in 2008. However, the image was originally uploaded in 2005 to the now-closed Japanese site, The figure's hair is long and black, and his face is covered in black markings that are often described as scars or burns. However, the image received controversy after it was believed on 4chan to be an unedited picture of Katy Robinson, a woman who committed suicide in 2008. The claim was later debunked, and it was confirmed that the real image of "Katy Robinson" originated from the site in 2004.


Main Article: Herobrine
A depiction of Herobrine's skin

Herobrine is a mythological character that is associated with the sandbox video game Minecraft. According to the popular lore, Herobrine is a mysterious figure that haunts players in their game worlds, often causing strange occurrences and unexplained phenomena. The character first appeared on the Minecraft forums in 2010, when a user claimed to have seen the figure in their game. Herobrine is often depicted as a ghostly figure with white eyes and the default player skin.[9] It is said that Herobrine has the ability to manipulate the game environment, creating structures and leaving behind signs. He is also rumored to possess supernatural abilities, such as the ability to move through solid blocks and to be immune to harm from weapons. Some versions of the legend claim that he is a dead brother of the game's creator, Markus "Notch" Persson, who haunts the game to seek revenge.[9] Herobrine have been referenced in several screamers, such as Him,, and more.

Despite the popularity of the Herobrine legend, the developers of Minecraft have repeatedly denied that the character is real. They have stated that they never created such a character, and that any sightings or encounters with Herobrine are simply the result of mods or hoaxes. In fact, Herobrine was never included in any official versions of Minecraft.[10]


Main Article: Sonic.exe

The story of Sonic.exe is an urban legend that revolves around a creepypasta that tells the tale of a cursed game cartridge that causes anyone who plays it to experience horrifying events. According to the story, Sonic.exe is a demonic entity that inhabits a cursed game cartridge, which is a modified version of the classic Sega Genesis game Sonic the Hedgehog. The story begins with a gamer named Tom, who receives a mysterious game cartridge in the mail from his friend Kyle. However, when Tom starts to play the game, he notices that something is not right. The graphics are distorted, the music is eerie, and the gameplay is glitchy. As Tom progresses through the game, he encounters evil versions of Sonic's friends, who have been brutally murdered by Sonic.exe.

Suicide Mouse

Main Article: Suicide Mouse
The poster for the Suicidemouse.avi by TheDarkRinneganSee.

Suicidemouse.avi or Suicide Mouse is an urban legend that has gained popularity on the internet as a supposed lost episode of the classic Disney character, Mickey Mouse. According to the legend, the lost episode features Mickey Mouse walking past a loop of buildings with his head down and hands clasped behind his back. Dissonant piano music plays in the background, becoming more like static as the video progresses. At about 1:50, the screen goes black, and a title card inserted by the uploader explains that the screen remained black until the six-minute mark. When the video resumes, the buildings and Mickey return, accompanied by distorted voices and later screaming. The images progressively become more and more twisted, with a final blurry close-up of Mickey and a broken music box playing in the background. The video concludes with a title card written in Cyrillic that roughly translates to "The sights of hell bring its viewers back in."[11]

The legend of Suicide Mouse is believed to have originated on the image-sharing website 4chan in 2009.[12] While the original video of the supposed lost episode has never been found, several videos and animations have been created to depict the story themselves. These videos typically feature disturbing imagery, such as Mickey Mouse's eyes turning black and his facial expressions becoming increasingly sinister. Some videos also incorporate screamers and distorted sounds to increase the horror elements of the story. The story has been shared widely on the internet, and many fans have created their own interpretations and adaptations of the legend, including gorixgorix's version of the creepypasta.

BEN Drowned

BEN Drowned is based on an in-game statue Elegy of Emptiness.

BEN is portrayed as a malevolent entity that inhabits a cursed copy of the video game The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and haunts the protagonist of the story, known only as "Jadusable." BEN Drowned is often depicted as a distorted, glitched version of the game's character, Link. The character is depicted with twisted, skeletal features and glowing red eyes. In some depictions, BEN Drowned also has long, black hair and a permanent smirk on his face.

The story of BEN Drowned is told through a series of blog posts by the protagonist, known only as Jadusable, who purchases an old cartridge of Majora's Mask from a strange man he meets at a garage sale. As Jadusable plays the game, he begins to notice strange glitches and anomalies that suggest the game may be haunted. The most notable of these anomalies is the presence of a character named "BEN," who is not supposed to be in the game. BEN initially appears as a strange figure with no face and seems to be controlling the game from within. Jadusable becomes increasingly obsessed with the game and begins to experience strange and terrifying occurrences in his real life that seem to be connected to the game. He receives strange phone calls, hears eerie music playing in the background, and begins to see BEN's face in his dreams. As the story progresses, Jadusable discovers that the game is possessed by the spirit of a boy named Ben who drowned in 2003. Ben's ghost has somehow infiltrated the game and is attempting to communicate with Jadusable, using the glitches in the game as a means of contact. The story culminates with Jadusable attempting to perform a ritual to free Ben's spirit from the game, but things quickly go wrong, and he is left trapped in a nightmare world controlled by BEN.


Main Article: IM HAPPY.gif

IM HAPPY.gif is a screamer animated image that originated as a creepypasta in 2011 by user Multiverseman, although an earlier version was posted on 4chan's /b/ board around 2008. The image is notorious for its alleged harmful effects on viewers and their computers. The image features a smiling face that scans the viewer with its eyes and mouth, bypassing webcam permissions, and automatically turning off the user's webcam if viewed for more than five seconds. As the face slowly frowns, disturbing images and audio files are played. After about five minutes, the image displays the text "Have a nice day" and closes the browser on the user's computer.

Lost episodes

Lost episodes creepypastas refer to a popular subgenre of creepypasta that explore the notion of missing or unaired episodes of well-known TV shows or cartoons. Creepypasta enthusiasts believe that these episodes are so disturbing or controversial that they were never aired or have since been lost over time. These stories typically include detailed descriptions of the alleged lost episode, often featuring unsettling and graphic content. Lost episodes frequently deviate from the show's typical themes and often involve supernatural or paranormal elements such as cursed or haunted tapes and footage. These stories are known for their dark and disturbing themes, including graphic violence, death, suicide, and mental illness.

Max and Ruby 0004

Main Article: Max and Ruby 0004

Max and Ruby 0004 centers around an alleged cursed episode of the American-Canadian animated children's TV series Max & Ruby. The story was created by PiggyPoe in 2013 and it begins with the narrator buying a Max and Ruby DVD online for their child as a Christmas gift. However, the DVD arrives greasy and shows a poorly drawn version of Max and Ruby with empty black eyes. Upon watching it, disturbing and violent imagery is depicted, such as Max committing suicide and the parents being murdered.

Poochee and Pansy

Main Article: Poochee and Pansy
A screencap of the scene from the first episode, depicting the titular characters Pooche (left) and Pansy (right).

Poochee and Pansy is a seven-episode web series that was uploaded to YouTube in 2009. It centers on two puppies on a mission to save a cat from an evil witch. The series features disturbing imagery and a screamer. It is believed to be related to an alternate reality game called "Hunt for the Gangadiddle," which was created to recruit viewers. The series was removed from YouTube in 2010 and was only restored after five years. A remastered version of the episodes was released in 2020 and 2022. The series features a variety of eerie footage and disturbing images, with Poochee and Pansy's adventures leading them into Batwing Cave and Sufferdark in search of the cat. The last episode ends with a sinister message: "You are alone but you do not know it."

Main Article: is a creepypasta that originated in 2014, created by Devin Millar using his alias "I'm So Sorry Please Forgive Me.mp4". The story revolves around a lost episode of a children's animated series called Wow Wow Wubbzy, which supposedly depicts violent and gruesome scenes. The episode allegedly starts with Ukrainian text and a bleeding mouth, followed by Wubbzy playing with a kickball before suddenly crying with black eyes and donning a cloak. He then proceeds to bang his head against a rock until he starts bleeding. The viewer is then shown all of Wubbzy's friends running away from a mysterious force that is hanging them. Daizy, one of the characters, goes on to kill everyone in the town of Wuzzleburg, with gory and "hyper-realistic" scenes. The episode ends with real-life footage edited with scary elements, including footage of a man killing himself and then coming back to life to join the horror with Daizy. The story concludes with the narrator revealing that they have been diagnosed with "CreepyWuzzle", a disease that requires the infected person to be killed to get rid of it. The narrator writes the story as they await their own death, revealing that their family was also killed by Daizy in the real world, leaving no hope for them.

Dead Bart

Main Article: Los Simpsons - Dead Bart 7g06 - FANMADE Creepypasta

Dead Bart is a creepypasta written around January 2010 by GameFAQs user K.I. Simpson[13] as a creepypasta similar to Suicide Mouse. The story is about a lost The Simpsons episode made during Season 1. The author of the story says that he visited Matt Groening, and asked Matt Groening about the episode. Matt Groening then gives the author a link to the supposed episode. The author then decides to burn it onto a DVD.

The episode is about the Simpsons family going on a plane trip. While Bart was being in his usual behavior, Bart was fooling around. Bart would later break a window on the plane and was sucked out and was falling to his death. After then, it shows a "hyper-realistic" view of Bart's corpse. The show's second act features the Simpsons family's grief. Later on the third act, there is a title card saying that one year has passed. Homer, Marge, and Lisa appear to be sitting at the kitchen table with no sign of Maggie or the pets. The family then decides to visit the grave of Bart, in which it appears that Springfield is completely deserted. The family then arrives at Bart's grave and Bart's corpse is lying in front of his tombstone, appearing similar to the image of Bart's corpse featured in act one. The family then starts to cry. They then stop crying a few moments, and blankly stare at Bart's body.

Near the end, the camera starts to zoom in on Homer's face. Homer then tells a joke. A update would later be posted by the same creator of the creepypasta, which reveals the joke that Homer said was "If only we were all that lucky"[14]. The episode then ends with a zoom-out of the cemetery; featuring all of the names of every Simpsons guest star who has not died yet, all of them having the same death date.

Another official version of this creepypasta was made as a script[15] made by K.I Simpson. It is currently unknown what this version of the creepypasta was written on.


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