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Welcome to the Screamer Wiki, the number one place to find information about screamers. We are the biggest and most active community of screamer fans on the globe. Here, you will have access to the Screamer Library, one of the largest indexes entirely dedicated to screamers and shock sites. You will find the origin and story behind every screamer ever made, like the famous Scary Maze Game, the K-fee commercials, and a whole lot more. Our library contains 1,174 pages and that number keeps increasing everyday!

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Scary Mario Commercial is a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by user thejoweefan on March 16th, 2008.

It starts by showing white Windows Movie Maker text on a blue background reading: "one day when i was checking my e-mail my screen froze..then this video appeared.....mario i will never look at you the same way again!" Then, the Super Mario Sunshine commercial plays. In the top left-hand corner, the “Unregistered HyperCam 2” watermark stays on the screen for the duration of the video.

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How Do I Start?

If you need help getting started, do not worry. There are plenty of help articles and guides available on the Help Portal, right at your fingertips. You are more than welcome to contribute to our fanbase, as long as you follow the rules. If you want, you can also refer to the Quick Links section at the top to know where to start.

Now that you are ready, let's start contributing! To write anything, you must make a new page. To do this you must search for the page in the search bar; if the page does not exist, there will be a prompt allowing you to create the page. Give the page the same name as the screamer, for example You are now ready to write your page!

You can help Screamer Wiki too by saving already existing screamers, shock sites, and videos to the Web Archive ( If a screamer or shock site gets deleted, banned or removed, then there is a chance that we can retrieve it using the Wayback Machine.

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