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Pong is a screamer game that is based on a 1970s video game: Pong, created by RobBoberty in 2015.

The goal of the players is to compete against a computer robot that controls the in-game paddle (on the right). If the player gets 10 points before the computer wins, the instructions states that the controls contain arrow keys that they can move up and down to, there is another control where the player moves the cursor to make the paddle follows the direction of it by itself. The game shares some points with the original pong game. During the game, every time the player scores a goal, a change occurs in the game they are listed below:

  • 2 points - strange yellow squares flashing in the background, this is indicated during the game
  • 4 points - a creepy clown flashes for a second , along with a laugh, the bots palette is now 2 times larger than the normal
  • 6 points - an edited image of a girl in such a way that would induce trypophobia, the background and the paddle turned into a red concrete, the ball is now a skull.
  • 7 Points - a picture of an eye in red filter with a mouth edited in as pupil, the screen starts shaking, an attempt to make the user lose, although it gets harder.
  • 9 Points - a picture of a bloody severed mouth, nothing happens, but the paddle knows where the ball was going.

After reaching 10 points, a flurry of screamer pictures, this slideshow consists of Donald Duck with a wide mouth, a face swap of someone and a kitten, the same pictures during the gameplay, a man with no eyes and wide mouth from Dane Boe's video, and more, accompanied by a loud, echoing scream, the game cuts into a black screen, then the credits roll, regarding this is the end of the game.

There is also a kids mode selectable on the title screen, which all the screamer images are replaced with cute kitties and most of the computer's cheating is disabled.


NOTE: The following game contain screamers!

  • gamejolt.com/games/pong-exe/101851
  • HTML5 Version: gamejolt.net/?token=Sb5Xi5pVUdYAXBy22gzMfZsyR344yT



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