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Cat in a Blender

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This page is about a screamer or shock site, whose original copy has been deleted.
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1 Cat 1 Blender is a shock video depicting a cat in a blender, meowing at the camera before getting blended alive inside a blender and the person laughing in the video, then put into a microwave and getting its jaw broken. The origin of the video remains in 2022, Xu Zhihui uploaded on Twitter, a video that had three parts, but after five days Twitter deleted that video because of shocking content.

The video raises ethical questions regarding the treatment of animals and the responsibilities of content creators. The video's origins are unknown, but it quickly went viral and gained a following online, despite its controversial and disturbing content. Social media users attempted to identify the individual responsible for the video, and there were reports of an arrest in May 2023. However, it was unclear if the individual was specifically arrested for animal cruelty. After the arrest, his accomplices reportedly threatened to hold a mass livestream event where they would torture more cats to death.

A second video related to the "cat in a blender" incident surfaced online on May 8, causing widespread outrage and prompting renewed efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice. The video depicted a group of animal abusers in China torturing and killing cats in a blender, sparking renewed outrage and concern among animal rights activists. Despite efforts to identify and locate the perpetrators, it is unclear if anyone has been arrested or charged in connection with the incidents.


A blender with a similar model to the one used in the video.

The "Cat in a Blender" video is a controversial viral video that gained notoriety in the early 2000s. According to reports from news source Diffudle, the video was originally posted online during this time and later uploaded to YouTube in 2005. Despite the video's widespread notoriety, the origins of its creation remain shrouded in mystery, with no clear indication of who was responsible for its creation.

Users on Twitter began posting tweets about their reactions to the video as early as May 2, 2023. A Twitter account had posted the full video that day but was since removed by the moderation team.[1]


The video generated speculation among social media users that it may be connected to a Chinese influencer named Xu Zhihui, who is rumored to be the culprit responsible for creating the video.

Several users on social media attempted to identify the individual responsible for the "Cat in the Blender" video. In one instance, a user shared a screenshot of the blender with Chinese writing on it and asked others to translate it. The characters reportedly read "Health Sensitive Extraction Machine." Some users also shared a possible location where the video was filmed.

On May 3, several social media users claimed that the perpetrator behind the video was arrested, but it has been difficult to confirm whether the individual was indeed responsible for the crime. According to some TikTokers, the person arrested was Xu Zhihui (徐志辉),[2][3] A food blogger and vlogger from China's Anhui province who is reportedly popular on social media platforms like Bilibili and Weibo. However, it is unclear whether Xu was arrested specifically for animal cruelty, as killing cats is not currently illegal in China. It is believed that he was arrested for sharing inappropriate content online, including a video containing cat abuse. After Xu's arrest, his accomplices reportedly threatened to hold a mass livestream event where they would torture more cats to death. The incident raised concerns about animal welfare and the responsibility of content creators to promote ethical behavior.[4]

On April 27, 2023, the Funan County Public Security Bureau reported that a group of people had called the Chengbei Police Station of the County Public Security Bureau at 23:53 on April 26, reporting the theft of a cat and the apprehension of the cat thief, Xu. The caller, Zhihui, requested police assistance. Upon receiving the call, the Chengbei Police Station dispatched police officers and launched an investigation. It was found that on March 15, Xu Zhihui had abused cats in a small forest in Lucheng Town, Funan County, and recorded a short video of the incident to share in a QQ group. The video was subsequently widely circulated on the internet and was met with condemnation from netizens and animal protection activists, causing significant social harm. In accordance with the provisions of the "Public Security Management Punishment Law," the public security authorities detained Xu Mouhui according to the law.[5]

On April 27, @杰克热条 (which translates to jack hotbar) posted an apology letter[6] signed by "Xu Zhihui" on Weibo at 16:40. In the letter, Xu expressed his deep regret and remorse for his behavior of abusing cats and making videos of the incident, grafting online cat killing videos, and sharing them in QQ groups. Xu acknowledged the severe criticism and "lessons" he received from the public security authorities and the Internet information department and their launching of an investigation of accountability. He further stated that he will take this incident as a warning for the future and treat the lives of animals with the utmost respect.[5]

Despite this, however, the actual perpetrator behind the recording has not been confirmed.


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