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This page is about a screamer that is partially lost.
If you have more information about this screamer, please add it to the page or in the comments.

Spike Game is the first installment in the "Spike Game" series. Based on the My Little Pony show, the screamer was created by CreepyPastaSalad on June 16, 2014.

The game places the player in control of Spike, who navigates a grassy field with floating platforms. Accompanied by an 8-bit rendition of the My Little Pony theme song, the objective is to reach Pinkie Pie. However, upon reaching Pinkie Pie, the game triggers an image of Pinkie Pie (also used from another MLP .exe game called Smile.exe) and emits an incredibly loud scream.

Following the initial screamer, the player is then transitioned to a new screen featuring a metal background with dark yellow platforms. Reversed Lavender Town music plays while text boxes prompt the player to "Escape now." Despite the player's efforts, progression becomes unattainable. After a brief moment, a distorted version of Fluttershy appears with a roaring sound effect. The game concludes with a final text box displaying the message, "There is no escape" followed by the game automatically closing.


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

  • gamejolt.com/games/spike-game/28240
  • Showcase video (including other installments in the series): youtube.com/watch?v=xA1yADLg7hg



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